Honeywell 4850 DR Scanners 4850DR153CE

Honeywell 4850 DR Scanners Extended Catalog Parts

The Honeywell 4850dr is unlike traditional document scanners; the 4850dr imager has no moving parts, requires no regular maintenance, scans barcodes, and comes with a superior three-year warranty. It was designed to give you years of uninterrupted, trouble-free operation. It features a 100% solid-state technology, so there are no moving parts that can fail or require routine maintenance. And combined with a full three-year comprehensive warranty, the 4850dr delivers unmatched reliability and a low total cost of ownership.

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Part Number Description Price
4850DR153CE 4850dr Document Reader Only: 5MEG, USB, Laser Aimer, Black, Cable not Included $683.11 Add to Cart
4850DR153C-0F00E 4850dr Document Reader USB KIT: Black, Stand (4850DRSTAND) $1,062.03 Add to Cart

Additional parts for the Honeywell 4850 DR Scanners.