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ID Tech cables and connectors.

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Part Number Description Price
80139201-001 Eval Cable $18.25 Add to Cart
220-2367-00 Powered USB cable, 39 inch $18.50 Add to Cart
VIVO-220-0012-00 USB Cable (1 Meter) for ViVOpay $17.25 Add to Cart
80140241-00 RS232 CABLE INTERFACE $16.75 Add to Cart
80140242-001 USB CABLE INTERFACE $16.75 Add to Cart
80143234-001 USB Cable for VP8800 $21.75 Add to Cart
80143235-001 Ethernet Cable for VP8800 $21.75 Add to Cart
80143236-001 RS232 cable for the VP8800 $21.75 Add to Cart
80136225-001 l; Data & RF;Right Angle;1050mm $32.00 Add to Cart
220-2248-00 Vend III Evaluation Cable $25.75 Add to Cart
80098228-001 9Pin Hdr to USB; 5 Cond; 1850mm $22.75 Add to Cart
ID-80000001-004 CBL;CONV;KEYINJEC;USBTORS232;PCI3.X;9600 $169.80 Add to Cart
ID-80000001-005 CBL;CONV;KEYINJEC;USB;MSRKEY;UNIPAY,9600 $169.80 Add to Cart
ID-80000001-007 CBL;CONV;KEYINJ;USBTORS232;IDTECH NGA PR $169.80 Add to Cart
ID-80000001-008 CBL;CONV;KEYINJ;USB/RS232;VIVOPAYPROTOCO $169.80 Add to Cart
ID-80000001-009 CBL;CONV;KEYINJ;USB/RS232;ACTIVATION;VIV $169.80 Add to Cart
VIVO-220-1266-00 RS2323 Cable (for ViVOpay) $20.50 Add to Cart
CAB1071-3-F CABLE: INTRF, USB, MMAG & EMAG STND 72" BLACK $15.25 Add to Cart
220-0012-00 VIVOPay 8100 USB Cable, 39 inch $18.25 Add to Cart

Additional parts for the ID Tech Cables.

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