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ID Tech cables and connectors for all of the scanners they offer.

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Part Number Description Price
80035212-001 USB Cable (for Flush Mount Insert Reader) $16.75 Add to Cart
80101308-001 SecureHead MagStripe Swipe Read Head (Key Injection Fixture; USB-KB Interface) $101.95 Add to Cart
80105204-001 Cable (Black, USB, Replacement) for the VersaScan II $46.75 Add to Cart
80109205-001 USign Replacement Cable $25.00 Add to Cart
CAB281-3 Adapter (USB to Serial) $18.50 Add to Cart
CAB-601-6 Keyboard Wedge Cable (Black) for EconoScan $19.50 Add to Cart
CAB601-7 Cable (RS232, Black) for the EconoScan $21.75 Add to Cart
ID-80000001-001 Connector (USB to RS232) $130.38 Add to Cart
ID-80000001-002 Cable (for Inject of SecureKey) $130.38 Add to Cart
ID-80000001-003 Cable (Key Injection Cable for Secure Red) $144.25 Add to Cart
MISC-030316 Programming Cable (for WCR3297-XX - Requires Power Supply AC0005R-3) $31.00 Add to Cart
CAB800-4 Cable (6 Foot USB Cable - A to B, Black) $11.75 Add to Cart
CAB800-2 Cable (6 Feet, Null Modem Cable, DB9F/25M, Beige, PCM-1970-06) $12.00 Add to Cart
CAB800-7 Cable (6 Feet, Null Moden Cable, D89F/D89F, PCM-1960-06) $12.00 Add to Cart
CAB800-3 Power Cord (6 Feet, Shielded, AC UL, Black, for Universal Power Supply PWR-1000-06) $12.25 Add to Cart
220-2375-00 Powered RS232 Cable (2 Meter Length) $18.25 Add to Cart
220-2467-00 Cable (39 Inches, Powered RS232 Serial Cable) $18.25 Add to Cart
80035212-002 USB Cable (for Insert Reader) $16.75 Add to Cart
220-2463-00 Cable (39 Inches, Standard RS232 Serial) $18.50 Add to Cart
CAB1041-1 Cable (RS232) for the Spectrum Insert Reader $15.75 Add to Cart
CAB800-10 USB 2.0 TO DB9M CONVERTER SERIAL, PC & M $22.25 Add to Cart
80106204-001 USB cable for BlueScan long range scanner $27.75 Add to Cart
220-2442-00 Cable assembly USB to RS232 converter RJ50 56 inch $28.00 Add to Cart
80108208-001 Cable I/F 2D Scan FX100 RS232 Black $26.75 Add to Cart
AC0005R-22 Switching 100-240VAC 50/60 Hz 5VDC 0.5A $35.25 Add to Cart
220-2375-02 Cable $35.25 Add to Cart
CTP1362408USB Cable (8 feet, for PSC 5317 or 5385-17 Scanner, Keyboard to USB) $51.25 Add to Cart
MISC SecureHead adapter cable for Parametric $129.06 Add to Cart
8-0424-24T 15 foot coiled Keyboard Wedge/Univ cable for PSC PowerScan QS6000/1000 $38.25 Add to Cart
VIVO-220-2442-00 USB Cable (for ViVOpay)

* This product has been designated as end of life by the manufacturer and stock on hand is extremely limited or special order only. You will be contacted if we are unable to fulfill your order.

$25.75 Add to Cart
VIVO-220-2463-00 RS232 Cable (1 Meter) for ViVOpay $18.50 Add to Cart
80159217-001 Interface Cable $29.75 Add to Cart

Additional parts for the ID Tech Scanner Cables.

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