VeriFone Priority Exchange 999-EXP-00087

VeriFone Priority Exchange Extended Catalog Parts

With Priority Exchange Service, you have the option to purchase your own spare replacement equipment, or use Verifone's general pool of spares. When purchasing your own spare equipment, VeriFone will manage and track your inventory and inform you through monthly asset tracking reports. Up-to-the minute status via the web is an added benefit. Priority Exchange Service means fast, overnight service that your business depends upon.

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Part Number Description Price
999-EXP-00087 Priority change Verifone - own per incident $121.00 Add to Cart
999-PEP-00387 1 year priority exchange customer owned $19.56 Add to Cart
999-PEP-00388 3 year priority change $53.78 Add to Cart
999-PEP-00389 5 year priority exchange customer owned $90.45 Add to Cart
999-PEP-00391 3 year priority exchange Verifone owned $63.56 Add to Cart
999-PEP-00392 PRIORITY EXCHANGE, VFI-OWN, 5YR $104.03 Add to Cart
999-PEP-0388 Priority Exchange 3yr VFI Owned Inventor $70.00 Add to Cart
999-PEP-00401 Priority Exchange exxx 3yr Ext Warr Rqd $191.31 Add to Cart

Additional parts for the VeriFone Priority Exchange.

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