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Additional Information on Acom America

Acom America also known as Atron Electronics has also been known as easy-weigh electronics. They produce a budget friendly line of point of scale and deli style scales. The point of sale scales plug in to the point of sale register and send weight totals directly to the point of sale software. The scale will send that data to a serial COM port in different emulations/formats such as CAS, NCR, or Metler Toledo. Your POS Software will specify what format it needs the weight data sent as and then will translate into your desired way of measurement (grams, pounds, ounces, etc.).

Deli Scales will weigh out the item and produce a Random Weight Barcode Label. These labels are specially formatted with the item number, weight, and price/lb or price/kg. Your point of sale software needs to be able to translate the random weight barcode into the pieces and then add the item to the order in the appropriate manner. The labels printed are a specific size and design, there is some user entry when it comes to putting in your store name, but much of the label is standardized and can not be altered. The labels are direct thermal and do not require a ribbon.

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