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Aldelo POS has three versions of their restaurant point of sale software, Aldelo Pro, Aldelo Lite, and Aldelo Wireless Edition. All of the programs feature Aldelo's built-in credit card processing software, and can easily scale to multi-station restaurants.

For counter-top restaurants, take-out locations, and delis, Aldelo Lite is the way to go. Though not as full featured as Aldelo Pro, the Lite software allows you to create menus, recipes, and keep track of sales and deliveries from one easily setup location.

If you have a sit-down style restaurant or full bar, Aldelo Pro provides you the means necessary to get up and running quickly. With configurable seating arrangements, menus, recipes, employee time-clocking, and more, Aldelo Pro covers everything vital to a well-managed restaurant.

Aldelo Wireless Edition provides the ability to run a full-sized restaurant with as few payment/order stations as possible. Wireless Edition utilizes mobile computers such as the Symbol MC35 to send orders wirelessly to one central locating, speeding the ordering process and eliminating errors that can occur from poor penmanship.

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