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CognitiveTPG is the merger of Cognitive Solutions and Transaction Printer Group (TPG), and produces powerful, reasonably priced barcode label printers and receipt printers. CognitiveTPG works hard to design printers that are easily installed, easily configured, and compatible with a wide variety of legacy technologies, giving you greater options in your barcode printer and receipt printer purchase.

The EZ-LP from CognitiveTPG combines extended RAM and multiple interface options to give you a fast desktop printer. Also compatible with the Zebra LP2844 driver, the EZ-LP is an excellent drop-in replacement at legacy printing stations. The Cognitive Xi & Cxi Series barcode label printers offer the functionality of an industrial printer, with the price and convenience of a desktop bar code printer.

For receipt printers, you cannot go wrong with the CognitiveTPG A799. The near 10" per second print speed and auto-cutter rated at 2.3 million cuts makes the A799 a fast and reliable printer for any high volume retail establishments. The A798, while not as fast as the A799, provides the same durability and reliability while at a lower price, giving your business a budget option for receipt printing.

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