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Tired of dealing with credit processors who don't care?
We believe in transparency and honesty. We'll make sure you understand exactly what you're signing up for because we believe you deserve to make an informed decision. We don't try to push you into a payment processing service that doesn't fit your needs or costs more than it should.

Don't let confusing payment processing services hold your business back. Choose POSGuys and experience the difference that comes with working with a partner who truly cares about your success.

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Our Payment Processing Partners

Supported SoftwarePaystriHeartlandPaystriWorldPayPaystriPaystriPaystriAldelo Pay
Cash Register Express
Heartland Retail
Microbiz Cloud
Microbiz for Windows
Aldelo (For Desktop)
Aldelo Express

Processing & Features Made For Your Business

Develop Software. Don't Worry about Hardware.

Shop Different Processors & Negotiate the Best Rate For Your Business

There's not a one-size-fits-all payment processor. Everyone's business is different. We work with different payment processors so we can help you choose the one that's best for your business.

Develop Software. Don't Worry about Hardware.
Develop Software. Don't Worry about Hardware.

Complete Point of Sale Solutions With Expert Support

We're more than just a resource for payment processing. We've been selling the complete point-of-sale solutions with hardware and software for over 20 years. Why piecemeal your system when you can get everything under one roof?

Develop Software. Don't Worry about Hardware.

Offset Processing Fees with Cash Discounting

With cash discounting you can completely offset card processing fees. When a customer pays in cash, they enjoy a lower price. When customers pay with a credit card, they pay a surcharge which includes your processing fee.

Develop Software. Don't Worry about Hardware.
Develop Software. Don't Worry about Hardware.

Avoid Paying High Interchange Costs

POSGuys and our payment partners can reduce the wholesale cost of accepting credit cards for operators with an average transaction under $10.

On average, our payment partners help our customers see a 23% reduction in their interchange rates. That's an average of 16 cents per transaction.

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Recurring Billing

Reduce late payments and increase efficiency by automatically billing customers on a repeating schedule. Simply enter your customer’s payment information, how much, and how often to charge them.

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Gift Cards

Issue physical and digital gift cards for your most loyal customers. We offer printing and encoding services and can work with our partners to set you up with an easy-to-use portal for online purchases.

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Invoice Manager

A convenient and secure solution for digitizing invoice presentation and payments. Accept one-time, autopay, or installment payments. Customers can pay via a one-time online payment link or login to a portal.

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Virtual Terminal & E-Commerce Gateways

Accept payments of any type (sales, refunds, voids, captures, and credits), anytime from any connected computer or device. Perfect for card-not-present transactions in your back-office. Looking to sell online via e-commerce? We can help with that, too!

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Offer Online Ordering

We offer solutions that integrate with most major delivery services. Accept mobile and online orders with intuitive order balancing that keeps the kitchen running smoothly, even during peak hours.

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Tableside Payments

We offer software and payment options that are compatible with tableside ordering and payment devices.


Develop Software. Don't Worry about Hardware.
Develop Software. Don't Worry about Hardware.

Heartland Payment Processing pairs 24/7 technical support with a host of value-added services when payment processing is paired with Heartland POS software. We recommend them for businesses using Cash Register Express or Heartland Retail.


Starting at 2.6% + 10¢ for in-person transactions upon approved credit

Highlighted Features & Benefits

  • Cash Discount / Surcharge Program -Heartland's credit surcharge program lets you pass the transaction fee on to customers.
  • Standalone Handheld Terminal - Accept all payment methods,email or print receipts, and control inventory all from a single easy-to-use handheld device when used with Heartland POS software.
  • Virtual Terminal - Turn any device into a virtual terminal for secure credit card processing during card-not-present transactions. Handle card not present transactions through your POS system, computer, mobile device, or tablet
  • Automated billing and invoicing - Go paperless and get paid faster with electronic billing solutions that automate one-time and recurring payments and let your customers settle up with credit cards, eChecks, or ACH payments.


Develop Software. Don't Worry about Hardware.
Develop Software. Don't Worry about Hardware.

Worldpay is a leading global provider of merchant processing for businesses of all sizes. They offer a wide array of payment processing options, analytic tools, and integrations. They're our recommended processor for Microbiz Cloud and Microbiz Windows.


Flat-Rate Pricing & Interchange + Pricing models available. Please reach out for a competitive rate quote now.

Highlighted Features & Benefits

  • Cash Discount / Surcharge Program -WorldPay lets you pass the transaction fee on to customers.
  • Gift Card Processing - Get your gift card program up and running with customer-friendly implementation, extensive customizable features and flexible pricing that works with your budget.
  • ECommerce Integration - Looking to sell online? Easily create an ecommerce store using a simple-to-use design platform to engage shoppers and grow sales. BigCommerce opens a single door to the universe of latest eCommerce features and best practices.
  • Worldpay iQ Analytics - Worldpay iQ is an analytics and reporting tool that tracks payment processing data, giving you insight into your business performance. You can view sales data reports and payment processing history, including statements and reconciliation data. You can also manage transaction disputes within the iQ Now app on iOS and Android devices.



Paystri provides a consultative white-glove service that is ideal for customers new to payment processing. Their comprehensive set of support and services ensure you can set up a new payment service or replace an existing solution smoothly and seamlessly. Recommended for use with Auphan Dining Software.


Flat-Rate Pricing & Interchange + Pricing models available. Please reach out for a competitive rate quote now.

Highlighted Features & Benefits

  • Cash Discount Program -Paystri's Cash Discount program lets you pass the transaction fee on to customers - essentially zeroing our your cost to process payments.
  • Small-Ticket Program - Made for operators with an average transaction under $10. Can reduce the cost of interchange by an average of 23% saving you 16 cents a transaction.
  • Virtual Terminal - Accept payments of any type (sales, refunds, voids, auths, captures, and credits), anytime, anywhere, and from any connected computer or device. Virtual Terminal is a PCI DSS compliant application that uses tokenization to keep data secure.
  • QuickBooks® Integration - Seamlessly accept and process invoice payments without leaving your QuickBooks file. Swipe cards through a compatible USB card reader to save time and get the best rates.
  • Online Ticketing - Paystri can help streamline ticketing operations by providing online reservations, ticketing, and payments. Their scalable online ticketing solution can help you maximize revenue by minimizing unsold inventory and improve customer experience by reducing wait times.

Aldelo Pay

Aldelo Pay.
Aldelo Pay.

Aldelo Pay merchant services provide restaurants with a fully integrated POS & payment processing solution. A great solution for restaurants who are looking to get the most bang for their buck and prefer a one-stop shop for all parts of their resturant's POS needs. Ideal for businesses usingAldelo or Aldelo Express.


In-Person - 2.65% +.15 cents ($59 month flat fee)
Card-Not-Present - 3.25% + 15 cents ($59 month flat fee)

Match or Beat Your Rate - Aldelo can match or beat most rates with Flat Rate plans or Interchange Plus plans that can fit your needs. Reach out for a competitive rate quote now.

Highlighted Features & Benefits

  • Unlimited Software Licenses & 24/7 Software Support -When you process with Aldelo Pay, you get access to unlimited software licenses per location as well as free 24/7 support for each of those licenses.
  • Loyalty Program & Gift Cards - Access Aldelo's loyalty and gift card services for free when used with Aldelo Express. Tracking works between locations for franchise businesses.
  • Cash Discounting - Cancel out the cost of credit card processing by passing processing fees onto customers.
  • Online Ordering Platform - Get access to Aldelo's online ordering platform when using Aldelo Express.

North American Bancard

North American Bancard.
North American Bancard.

North American Bancard (NAB) offers quick approvals, easy setups, and 24/7 live customer care, and Same Day or Next Day funding, all within a transparent, no-risk, month-to-month agreement with no hidden or cancellation fees. They specialize in personalized merchant solutions, moving away from generic industry models.


Flat-Rate Pricing & Interchange + Pricing models available. Please reach out for a competitive rate quote now.

Highlighted Features & Benefits

  • PayAnywhere POS Platform - PayAnywhere is a free or low-cost POS upgrade for any business that has been working with a simple terminal solution. PayAnywhere can be used as a simple terminal, virtual terminal, or as a fully functional POS which can include unlimited inventory, bar code scanning, communicate with kitchen printers, work as a sophisticated time clock, and more. Consumer mobile phont support is included as well.
  • Free Next Day Funding & Convenient Payment Processing - PayAnywhere clients get free next day funding at no additional cost
  • Free Credit Card Terminal - Partner with NAB and they'll set you up with a Free credit card terminal to get you started.
  • Cash Discounting - Cancel out the cost of credit card processing by passing processing fees onto customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes you different from other company’s selling credit processing?
It comes down to our ability to give you choice and a full-solution. Instead of offering a single processing option and trying to shoe-horn you into it, we provide a range of processing options. This let’s us tailor our recommendations to your specific needs and pain points. Beyond payment processing, we also sell complete point of sale software and hardware solutions that can integrate with your existing setups.

How do I know which Credit Processor to select?
When choosing a credit processor for your business, it's important to consider several factors. The primary factor is software compatibility. POSGuys has compiled a list of software that we sell along with their compatible processors.

Another crucial consideration is the associated fees and pricing. Different processors offer various pricing models, and certain models may be more suitable for specific types of businesses.

Additionally, you should consider the payment types you need to support (such as Apple Pay, EBT, WIC, etc.), any value-added services you require, and the deposit times.

To learn more about these factors and more, we recommend checking out our Small Business Guide to Payment Processing.

How much will credit processing cost?
The cost of accepting credit cards can vary significantly depending on your processor. The primary cost comes from interchange rates, which typically range from 1.5% + 5¢ to 3% + 10¢ per transaction. Processors offer different rates based on whether you're accepting cards in person (usually cheaper) or online/over the phone (typically more expensive).

Processors also have different fee models that impact overall costs. Many offer flat price pricing (e.g., 2.5% + 10¢) for easy rate comparison and predictable monthly costs based on transaction volume. Others use an interchange-plus model, where a small markup is added to the credit card company's interchange rate. Interchange-plus pricing can be cheaper for debit cards but may be more expensive for elite cards like American Express and Mastercard.

If you're unsure about pricing, feel free to reach out to us for assistance in estimating your costs.

Is there a way to avoid credit card processing fees?
Merchants can pass the cost on to the customer by charging a surcharge on every transaction that covers the cost of the fee. This is called cash discounting. All the payment partners we work with can provide this service though the feature generally needs to be supported by your software.

How quickly can I get setup and start taking payments?
Initial approval for a credit processing account generally takes about 24 hours once you’ve completed the necessary paperwork. This approval would allow you to manually enter payments using a browser-based virtual terminal.

A physical payment device can take about two weeks to be delivered and fully set up. Factors like shipping times and credit approval times can shorten or lengthen this time.

What payment types will I be able to accept?
All of our partners will allow you to accept EMV, swipe, and contactless payments. Some providers will also allow you to process EBT. At the end of the day, your POS software will dictate what payment devices are supported.

How do I get Tap to Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc. to work with my software?
All our Credit Processors carry payment devices that can facilitate popular contactless methods, such as Tap to Pay for iOS & Android, and more. Specific device support would depend on your software, however.

Do I need POS software to take payments?
You do not need point of sale software to take payments. You can use stand-alone payment devices that can accept EMV and contactless payment options like Apple or Google Pay. These terminals don’t require a POS software but also won’t be able to automatically communicate inventory and sales data to a database.

Can I use my existing Pin-Pad if I switch Credit Processors?
You may be able to re-use an existing payment device depending on the credit processor you switch to. Generally this would require you to send the device in to a certified depot to be re-encypted with new payment information but some devices can be remotely re-encrypted. Let us know what you have and we can look into what processors we work with that can make use of your existing Pin-Pad or Terminal Device!

Do you provide training on how to use the credit processing system?
We partner with carefully vetted credit processing partners who provide support and training services to our customers as an added value.

Do you have dedicated customer support for your credit processing services?
We partner with credit processing partners who offer dedicated support lines for our customers. We also have an internal support team who can provide preliminary trouble-shooting support for common issues.

Do you support mobile payment devices?
Generally you can expect mobile device support with the credit processors we have partnered with. Each processor will support different mobile devices, however. For example, all of our credit processors support iOS & Android but have different standalone payment terminals.

Is your credit processing compatible with eCommerce platforms?
Many of our credit processing partners have integrations with ecommerce software like BigCommerce, Woocommerce, and more. Many also offer developer resources development support for those looking to integrate a payment portal into their custom applictions. If you’re using an ecommerce platform at the moment, or might use one in the future, let us know what you have in mind or already deploy and we can look into what works best for you.

Can the system handle gift cards and loyalty programs?
All of our partnered Credit Processors have Gift Card & Loyalty Programs. Depending on your software, they may be able to integrate directly with your POS system. Many businesses have different ideas of what they have in mind so let us know and we can pair you with the Credit Processor that suits your needs.

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"Unless you are a search ninja and have time to read through mounds of manuals, just buy it from POSGuys. I thought I got what I needed but I didn't realize the product was missing an Ethernet card. POSGuys support guided me to the right product, and they helped me get it set up. Bravo!"

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