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Honeywell Scanning and Mobility is the result of Honeywell's acquisition of Hand Held Products (HHP) and Metrologic. A leading manufacturer of point of sale data collection equipment, Honeywell offers POS equipment for a wide range of uses from heavy-duty industrial barcode scanners to POS payment terminals. This point-of-sale equipment is known for its durability and high performance in the field, as well as some of the longest warranties in the industries. With Honeywell POS hardware, you can be confident you are buying a well built, long lasting POS product.

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Additional Information on Honeywell

The Honeywell barcode scanner lineup covers both laser scanners as well as imager-based barcode scanners for every environment. The Honeywell Voyager barcode scanner is a mainstay of retail environments, giving you laser precision at an economical price. The Honeywell 3800g features Honeywell's Adaptus imaging technology, meaning the 3800g can scan 1D barcodes quickly and aggressively, even in direct sunlight. Other Honeywell 1D barcode scanners include the 3800r for rough retail environments, the 3800i for industrial applications, and VoyagerGS for medium volume laser barcode scanning.

Honeywell's 2D barcode scanners combine aggressive scanning with advanced data parsing, making them excellent not only for general barcode scanning but for custom functions such as customer data collection. The Focus, Genesis, and Vuquest can use Honeywell's EasyID configuration technology to read barcodes on State IDs and send only the data you need in the order you like. For aggressive handheld scanning, the 4600g and 4800i use Adaptus Imaging to ensure quick scans of even the most difficult to read barcodes.

For filling your mobile data collection needs look no further than the Honeywell Dolphin 9500. This mobile data collector offers the durability and ergonomics needed for extended use in the field or in a warehouse setting. The Honeywell Dolphin 9500 is a programmable portable data terminal with options for keyboard and Microsoft Pocket PC platform programming.

Honeywell has earned a spot amongst the premier scanner manufacturers by offering well built, high quality feature rich barcode scanners, mobile computers, and signature capture devices. Phone 800-903-6571 to discuss the Honeywell line and how to put them to work for your organization.

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