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POSGuys.com Proxis Stock Manager

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Pro Kit - Stock Manager Software w/ 8001 Portable Scanner, Zebra LP2824 Printer & Labels (2.25" X .75")

Proxis Stock Manager Inventory Control Systems

This product replaces the older POSGuys.com PA500 Kit.

Being able to effectively track your inventory is key to running a successful retail business. POSGuys wants to make it as easy and efficient as possible by marrying the feature rich Proxis Stock Manager software with a compatible mobile device that will fit your store needs and budget.

Stock Manager give you the capability to:

  • Barcode Printing from Desktop or Mobile Barcode Scanner
  • Automated Physical Counts
  • Support for Store Manager Classic
  • Price, Cost, & SLP Lookups
  • Vendor & Location Lookups
  • Add, Subtract & Count Inventory
  • Add New Items
  • Edit Item Information
  • Change Item Location
  • Built-in Reports
  • Import and Export Capabilities

  • The hardware kit you chose will determine your ability to utilize Proxis freatures. Most features are available on the Pro Kits. For features more targeted to your need you can call us at 1-800-903-6571 to speak to an inventory control specialist.

    Proxis Stock Manager Inventory Control Kits Include:

  • Stock Manager Inventory Control Software
  • Mobile Device that is compatible with Stock Manager
  • Printer available with some options
  • 1-Year Free Telephone Support
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