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Touch Dynamic Razor All-In-One

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Android 9
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Windows 11
16:9 Ratio
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Razor All-In-One POS Computers

Touch Dynamic’s Razor All-In-One touch screen POS terminal boasts a 15.6” slim-edge display that features a fashionable rear design with peripheral expansions for docking connections. Offered in black, its touch-sensitive full HD IPS display is guaranteed to bring a modernized aesthetic to your business.

For the printer-integrated base: Please order computer and a printer base from the Accessories tab below. Unit can be configured with printer-base already installed before shipment with an additional wait time. Please call for more information.


  • 15.6” LED Projected Capacitive Display
  • Next Generation Whiskey Lake and Qualcomm CPUs
  • 360-degree swivel
  • Fashionable customer-facing rear design
  • Ergonomic design
  • Multiple port options
  • Optional MSR, Barcode scanner, Fingerprint reader, Rear 2×20 display, Wifi and Bluetooth
  • Next Generation Elkhart Lake, Whiskey Lake and Qualcomm CPU

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