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POSGuys Review Information

As the leaders in the POS Market, we here at POSGuys.com work hard to maintain our expertise regarding point of sale equipment, such as barcode scanners, receipt printers, cash drawers, and more. We also believe it is our duty to the customer to test the equipment we sell, making sure that manufacturer claims are reinforced or challenged. Our POS Reviews section breaks down our testing process and lets you know which barcode scanners have the greatest light resistance, which keyboards survive the nastiest spills, and which mobile computers can withstand excessive damage.

    Test Criteria
  • Barcode Scanners- Barcode Scanners are tested for optimal scan range, resistance to light, robustness to dirty, damaged, or worn barcodes, multi-colored barcodes, dense, and wide barcodes, as well as durabilty. For cordless/BlueTooth models, ability to connect with a laptop or mobile computer is tested

  • Keyboards- Programmable Keyboards are tested on ease of installation, relegendability, ease pof programming, extent of programming, and durability.

  • Pole Displays- Pole Displays are tested on ease of installation, programmability, and ease of adjustment.

  • Mobile Computers- Mobile Computers are tested against the same battery as barcode scanners, but have battery life, ease of software installation, battery management, and phone features if WWAN is supported.

  • Receipt Printers- Receipt Printers are tested for ease of installation, print speed, print quality, and volume.

  • Card Readers- We test card readers to determine accuracy, ease of use, and ease of configuration.

  • Cash Drawers- Cash drawers are tested against opening mechanism, ease of installation, ability to remove the till, compatibility with various printers, and durability.

  • POS Software- POS Software is tested for ease of installation, security features, and ease of use for employees.