Ensuring Quality in Dispensaries

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Video Transcript

0:00  This is Parker. Parker is a cannabis connoisseur, and enjoys high quality marijuana.  

0:05  This is Lily. Lily lingers over labels, and tracks everything she puts into her body.

0:12  When it comes to choosing your marijuana dispensary, you need Parker’s pickiness, and Lily’s love for labels.

0:19  Responsible marijuana growers label their packages with barcodes. These barcodes might look simple, but they contain a long history of the marijuana you’re about to consume.

0:29  From the planting of the seed, to harvesting, to processing, and quality testing, all the way through delivery to your dispensary, that little set of stripes on the label is a code.

0:42  When the barcode is scanned, it reveals the entire history of the marijuana in the package.

0:47  Your cannabis dispensary can easily discover where the marijuana was grown, and even who picked it, what day, and from which field.  

0:55  It takes a reputable grower to provide you with the marijuana you need. One who follows the FDA regulations to assure quality and safety.

1:04  Don’t get burned with cannabis that hasn’t been tracked. Be picky. Look for the barcode label.

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