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POSGuys Value Restaurant System

Recommended Models

Value Restaurant System Computer Kit. Includes: Single-Station License of Auphan Core Dining, POS Terminal with Integrated Receipt Printer, 10-Pack of Receipt Paper, 16x16 Cash Drawer.
First Station Software License Requires $49 Monthly Fee
plus: $49.00 / mo
Value Restaurant System iPad Kit. Includes: Single-Station License of Auphan Core Dining, Ethernet Receipt Printer, 10-Pack of Receipt Paper, and 16x16 Cash Drawer.
Order iPad Separately or Bring Your Own.
plus: $39.00 / mo

Additional Models

Value Restaurant Kit - Add a 10.2" iPad with a Stand.
Order Software Separately. iPad is Non-Returnable.
Value Restaurant Kit - Add a Kitchen Ticket Printer. Includes an Ethernet Impact Printer, a 10 Pack of Paper, and 5 Rolls of Ribbon.
Value Restaurant Kit - Add a Kitchen Display System. Includes 15" Android Touch PC & Monthly KDS License
Monthly Fee is for a Single KDS Display & Is Required for Purchase. Extra Displays Require Additional Monthly Fees.
plus: $7.00 / mo
Value Restaurant Kit - Add Online Ordering to Your Auphan License
Requires an Upgrade to Auphan Enterprise Which is Included in the Monthly Fee.
plus: $65.00 / mo
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Value Restaurant System

We've paired cloud-based restaurant management software and time-tested hardware to build a restaurant kit that's the perfect mix of value and functionality. This kit will come with everything you need to get your single-station restaurant, pizza shop, cafe, or bar up and running. Included in this kit is our Gold Warranty protection, lifetime hardware through POSGuys, and 24/7 Software support through Auphan Dining Software.

Auphan Dining restaurant point-of-sale software offers an intuitive and feature-rich platform ideal for any sized restaurant, bar, or fast-dining establishment. This software package comes loaded with a suite of modern features that will improve your restaurant's efficiency, reduce waste, and better track your sales and customers.

Looking to expand your business? Our upgradeable modules allow you to add new stations and software functionality with ease. Popular add-ons include gift card/loyalty tracking, online ordering menu, digital menu boards, and more.

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