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USB Cables

The USB (Universal Serial Bus) cable is the industry standard for connecting hardware devices. It was designed specifically to handle communications between computers and their peripherals, for example, keyboards, printers, disc drives, and pointing devices. The USB cable now extends beyond home computers to the POS industry, quickly becoming the preferred interface for barcode scanners, receipt printers, barcode printers, card printers, magnetic stripe readers, customer pole displays and more.

Cables are available in many sizes and colors, for interfacing most equipment a six-foot cable is more than sufficient. When purchasing your cable be aware that USB features a few potential end plugs, the main ones are the A plug (Male) and the B plug (Female). Check your hardware to see which end types you need before purchasing.

To migrate legacy serial devices to the newer USB format buy USB to Serial Converters.

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The Universal Serial Bus or USB interface makes it easy to interconnect hardware. It is popular for its' standardized design which will eventually replace legacy cables like PS/2 and RS232.

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