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Symbol is a leader in the manufacturing of a wide range of products, from barcode scanners to mobile computers, with models featuring 1D and 2D imaging capabilities, batch memory scannering, and mobile computing with both batch collection and Bluetooth capabilities.

Symbol’s barcode scanners include mid-level 1D imagers, including the LS2208 and the LS4208.

POSGuys carries a variety of cordless bar code scanners from Symbol, including the LS3578, LS4278, LS3478. The LS3578 scanner from Symbol comes in two model options, Fuzzy Logic or Range Extender, for functionality choices. The LS4278 cordless scanner optimizes Bluetooth technology and has a long battery life. The LS3578 cordless scanner features built in Fuzzy Logic and is ruggedized for extreme temperatures & light, as well as drops.

Symbol also manufactures omni-directional barcode scanners, including the LS9203, LS9208, LS7708, and M2000 Cyclone,as well as, 2D bar code scanners, including the DS3400 and the DS6707.

Industrial barcode readers, such as the LS3008 and LS3408 Series have options such as Fuzzy Logic and IP52 Seal.

If you need mobile computers, the entry-level mobile computers, the MC100 and SPT1550 combine data collection and barcode scanning into one compact unit to keep you on the move. POSGuys carries Symbol ruggedized mobile computers, including the MC50, MC35, and MC70 allowing you to choose options to fit your needs, including 1D or 2D imaging, phone, email, camera, and more. Heavy Industrial Mobile Computers include the PPT 8000/8846, MC9000 Series, MC3000, WT4000 and come with feature options such as batch data collection, Bluetooth, keypad configurations, hand-held or wearable, and more.At POSGuys, Symbol Batch memory collectors available include the CS1504 and the P360/460 Memory Scanner

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