Best Bluetooth Barcode Scanner (2017)

Bluetooth barcode scanners come in two varieties Cradeled and Direct Connect.  With cradled scanners they are sort of like old cordless phones where they behave like your standard USB barcode scanner but they use bluetooth to allow you stray away from your PC or Mac, the base station tethers to the computer and also charges the scanner.  With direct connect barcode scanners you pair them directly with the PC/Tablet/Smart Phone and charge them via USB cable (charge only cradles are available as an accessory on some models).  

Best Bluetooth Scanner (Cradled)

The following barcode scanners are picked by our staff due to their excellent sales history, available features, and price.

1. Zebra LI4278

2. Zebra DS6878

3. Zebra DS3678 (SR)

4. Honeywell  Voyager 1452 G

5. Honeywell Xenon 1902

6. Datalogic Quickscan QBT2400

7. Unitech MS340B

Best Bluetooth Scanner (Direct)

The following barcode scanners pair directly with a smart phone, tablet, or pc.  These are our best selling scanners as well as staff favorites.

  1. Zebra CS3070
  2. Zebra CS4070
  3. Honeywell Voyager 1602g
  4. Datalogic RIDA
  5. Unitech MS912
  6. Unitech MS916