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When shopping for a barcode label printer keep in mind two factors.

1. How much are you going to print?

If you're going to print continuously and need labels as fast as possible (production, warehousing, manufacturing) then look at the industrial label printers. They accept the more cost effective industrial rolls and print at higher dpi and higher print speeds. If you're printing individual labels that are used for an indefinite time period (retail, shipping, logistics) then a more economical desktop barcode printer may suit your needs.

2. How durable do the labels need to be?

A bar code printer that only prints direct thermal labels will produce a temporary label that can fade or be blacked out by being exposed to excessive friction, heat, or light. A thermal transfer printer will produce a more durable label but requires the use of a ribbon.

If you have any questions regarding which label printer fits your needs the best, please call us at 1-855-POS-GUYS and we will be happy to discuss your printing options.

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