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Touch Screen Monitors

Touch screen monitors are an integral part of the restaurant, hospitality, medical, or service industry’s point of sale systems. Employees can touch a part of the touchscreen in place of using a mouse, saving time and reducing clutter in the POS area. POSGuys carries a wide variety of pos touch monitors from manufacturers such as indsutry leading Elo and affordable Pioneer or POS-X. We also carry mainstream brands like HP, Bematech and Microtouch. Touchscreen monitors are available from 10 inches up to the full 46 inch touch monitor but the most popular are the 15 and 17 inch sizes. These POS touch monitors are built to handle greater abuse than standard LCD displays, extending their lifespan even in abusive environments. Not all touchscreen types are ideal for all situations so when purchasing a pos touch monitor be sure to pay attention to where and how it will be utilized.

Basic Touchscreen Monitor - 15 Inch

Advanced Touchscreen Monitor - 15 Inch

Touchscreen Monitor - 17 Inch

Touchscreen Monitor - 19+ Inches

Touchscreen Monitor - Widescreen

Touchscreen Monitor - 12 Inch

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Additional Touch Screen Monitors Information

Touchscreen monitors come in many shapes and sizes. For the most part, a 15-inch screen will be plenty for retail and restaurant POS software. For other applications, such as informational kiosks, you may need a larger or smaller screen. The main concern when purchasing a touchscreen monitor is what type of touch technology you will need: Resistive, Capacitive, or Infrared.

Resistive Touchscreens

One of the more common and affordable touch technologies, resistive touchscreens use two thin screens separated by a thin gap to identify cursor position. When you tap the screen, the screens identify the position of the tap and adjust accordingly. Resistive touchscreens are great for restaurants and factories because the technology can be activated using anything- finger, credit card, pen cap, stylus, as long as it creates the connection it will activate the screen.

Capacitive Touchscreens

Most consumer smartphones use a capacitive touchscreen. This touch technology uses an overlay of capacitive wires on top of the screen. Your body conducts electricity, and so when you touch a portion of the screen, the touchscreen can identify a change in capacitance and know where you touched the screen. Capacitive touchscreens tend to be brighter than resistive monitors, but you are limited in the ways to interact with the device. They're often seen in gaming, customer service kiosks, and outdoor applications.

    Suggested Capacitive Touchscreen Monitors:
  • Elo 1529L - High Quality
  • Elo 2201L - Large Widescreen

Infrared Touchscreens

Infrared touch technology uses a grid of infrared light beams. When your finger, or a pen, or anything else breaks the plane of beams, the software identifies the location by which beams were broken. This technology provides some of the brightest colors, as there is no overlay whatsoever. It can also be sealed, making it more durable than capacitive or resistive touchscreens. These monitors are great in harsh environments, such as automotive, food processing, hospital operating rooms, and ATMs.

    Suggested Infrared Touchscreen Monitors:
  • Elo 1928L - 19" screen

There are other models available if you have specific needs, such as acoustic pulse touchscreens or open-frame monitors. If you are having trouble finding the touchscreen monitor right for your business, please call our sales team at 1-800-903-6571 and we will help you out.

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