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Restaurant Staff Pagers

For busy restaurants, staff pagers are a great way to discretely let employees know an order is up or a customer may need attention. Most options allow for two way communication, allowing servers to page managers in case they are needed for overrides. These pagers offer a much better alternative to shouting across a dining room or tracking down an employee.

If you have a multi-story restaurant where communication is limited by the sheer size, or you just want to improve communication all together, then this is the solution you have been looking for!

Customer Pagers

Like staff pagers, customer pagers allow your hosts to let patrons know when their table is ready without having to shout across a busy waiting area. These pagers have tremendous range, empowering your patrons to maybe wait at the bar for their table or, in a mall setting, check out neighboring businesses. Since pages go directly to the customer, you eliminate confusion at the host table and speed the seating process dramatically.

For any restaurant looking to improve customer service or increase profits, pager systems are a smart solution.

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