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Additional Industrial Barcode Scanner Information

Industrial barcode scanners, like the name implies, are designed to survive high drops, extreme temperature changes, and use in harsh, abusive environments. Incredibly rugged designs and components allow them to take a beating while still scanning barcodes quickly and easily. POSGuys.com carries a robust lineup of industrial scanners for a variety of applications. We have separated them into four categories: General Industrial Barcode Scanners, Cordless Industrial Barcode Scanners, High Volume Barcode 2D Imagers, and Healthcare Barcode Scanners.

General Industrial Barcode Scanners

These general industrial barcode scanners offer a variety of performance and durability options to meet your specific needs. From the light industrial Symbol LS3008 to the heavy duty Datalogic PowerScan D8300, these industrial scanners offer durability generally unseen in the retail market. Built with high-impact plastics and rubberized corners to protect from drops, a good industrial scanner will hold up to the worst abuse you can imagine in a workplace setting. Gasket seals in the scanners also keep dust and water from harming internal components, allowing them to survive in rough environments like lumber mills, heavy manufacturing, and more.

Industrial scanners also offer greater scanning capabilities to their retail counterparts, using more advanced optics to read otherwise unreadable barcodes. The Honeywell Granit 1280i, for example, can read reflective barcodes from over 54 feet away, fantastic for shipping container or port barcode scanning. Other scanners, such as the Symbol LS3408, offer the ability to scan damaged barcodes easily, great in outdoor environments that make render barcodes unreadable.

Cordless Industrial Barcode Scanner

For the ultimate in industrial portability, cordless industrial barcode scanners are your best bet. These scanners use Bluetooth or RFID radios to send data back to communications cradles or even laptops, mobile computers, or smartphones. Great for warehouses and Costco-like establishments, the lack of cables makes it easy to get to hard-to-reach barcodes without creating tripping hazards. Some require a bit of configuration, but it is usually as simple as scanning a pairing barcode. The rugged Symbol LS378 it powerful enough to withstand dust and low pressure water jets, great for outdoor use. Similar to the LS3408, the LS3578 incorporates a Fuzzy Logic model for hard to read barcodes and an Extended Range model able to read bar-codes from up to 18 feet away.

Industrial 2D Barcode Imagers

2D Industrial Scanners are fantastic for scanning barcodes of any quality. Their imagers are able to decode damaged, dirty, or otherwise unreadable barcodes, making them a great fit for shipping/receiving, utility barcode scanning, and more. When you take into account industrial scanners' robust designs, you have an incredibly reliable solution for outdoor barcode scanning. The Honeywell Granit 1910i is not only feature heavy, it has an IP65 seal and ruggedized body that allow it to fit into a variety of harsh environments.

If you don't think your location is harsh enough for an industrial strength scanner, please check out our Barcode Scanner section or give our friendly POSGuys.com staff a call at 1-800-903-6571 to discover the right scanner for your application.

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