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The following scanners and sleds are for enhancing the ability of your iOS, Android device or smart phone. POSGuys.com also carries a large selection of USB based retail scanners for desktop point of sale or data collecting applications.

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Additional Mobile Barcode Scanner Information

Mobile barcode scanners are purpose-built to pair with or integrate with a mobile computer, laptop, iPhone, or Android device. These scanners give you quick scanning in a device small enough to fit in a pocket, great for mobile inventory management, line busting, and customer service. In the case of Android, iPad, or iPhone barcode scanners, they offer much better performance than built-in cameras. POSGuys carries a great lineup of mobile barcode scanners, from keychain companion scanners to full sleds with integrated 2D imager and magnetic card reader.

1D Bluetooth Barcode Scanners

These 1D scanners use Bluetooth to connect to your iPhone, iPad, Android device, or any other Bluetooth-equipped mobile device. Unlike cordless scanners, they don't come with a communications cradle, saving you money. Lightweight and easy to pocket, a Bluetooth scanner like these make mobile barcode scanning a snap.

Select models are also able to switch to batch scanning mode if needed. The Opticon OPN2002 and OPN2005 can send batches of data through third party software like Proxis Keychain Synch. The Motorola CS3070, when plugged into a PC, will load as a flash drive, giving you easy access to batch scanned data. These features are great for registry services or other mobile batch scanning opportunities.

2D Bluetooth Barcode Imagers

For more advanced scanning, such as hospital wristbands, shipping labels, or driver's licenses, you will want to go with a 2D Bluetooth Barcode Imager. Though a bit bigger than their 1D counterparts, mobile 2D imagers are still small enough to fit in a pocket or hang easily from a lanyard. You also get tremendous performance along with omnidirectional scanning; in a hospital environment omnidirectional scanning makes it easy to scan patient wristbands without having to move a potentially sleeping patient.

iPod, iPhone Barcode Scanner

These scanners are designed specifically for use with the iPod or iPhone. They use the dock connector on your iOS device to send scanned barcode data, making for a better integrated solution. Select models act as a case as well, providing added durability to your iPhone and incorporating a built-in battery for extended life. Scanners that connect via the dock adaptor do require the software to be compatible with them, so you may want to double check which devices are supported by your software.

While these devices are relatively straightforward to set up, some do require additional steps. If you have any questions about which mobile barcode scanner is right for you, please give us a call at 1-800-903-6571.

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