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Additional Programmable Keyboard Information

Programmable keyboards allow you to enter long strings of data with a single keystroke, eliminating data entry errors and speeding up repetitive tasks at your business. From video editing to grocery checkout, programmable keyboards are useful in a wide variety of industries. POSGuys carries a great selection of keyboards, all designed for various specific needs.

Alphanumeric Programmable Keyboards

These keyboards offer a similar layout to a standard keyboard, but with the addition of programmable keys. With optional features including trackpads, magnetic card readers, and even smart card readers, an alphanumeric programmable keyboard is a space-saving solution for checkstands and workstations alike. With the combination of standard keys and programmable keys, these are a great choice for video editing, as you can program custom macro keys while keeping standard alpha keys for typing.

Fully Programmable Keyboards

Fully programmable keyboards allow you to program each and every key to send custom strings, macros, or key commands. Though some are designed to look like traditional keyboards, most are of the row by column (RxC) variety. These keyboards are great for grocers, counter-service restaurants, or businesses that only need employees to send commands or macros.

Non-Programmable Keyboards

While not programmable, these keyboards are built for long-term use, using more durable components and the ability to withstand spills. With a good non-programmable keyboard, you have a smart option for hospital admitting or POS workstation data entry.

If you are unsure which keyboard is right for your business, please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-903-6571 and one of our sales associates will help you out.

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