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Please Note: Some of the information on these Buyer Guides might be out of date. We are currently re-writing this documentation. Please reach out to our sales team if you have any questions.

Point of Sale Buyer's Guides

Learn POS Basics From The Pros

Selecting the right POS equipment can be difficult; thankfully our buyer's guides help identify the features to look for in your POS equipment. Find detailed information and explanations about the major point of sale hardware categories below.

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Not certain what POS equipment can do for your business, or which hardware is right for you? Our Buyer's Guides give you an overview of POS hardware and POS software, providing information on specific aspects of each type of product.

Complete POS System Buyer's Guide - Picking out the right hardware and software to create a complete POS system can be daunting. Thankfully we have tested and put together complete bundles for salon, restaurant, and retail POS applications, ready to go out of the box. We have custom-built solutions designed to meet the needs of major POS software platforms, ensuring the best experience at your business.

Barcode Scanner Buyer's Guide - Barcode scanners are available in a wide variety of shapes and uses, meeting the needs of specific applications. Whether you scan barcodes on a few legal documents a day or are scanning thousands of items in a production line, we have a barcode scanner ideally suited for your needs. Take a look at our barcode scanner buyer's guide to learn more about the different types of barcode scanners on the market.

Magnetic Card Reader Buyer's Guide - Almost every point of sale has a magnetic card reader at this point, be it connected to your POS computer or integrated in a credit card payment terminal. While most of these devices look very similar, they can offer very different functionality that your business might need. From supported tracks, extended programming, to even hardware encryption, a magnetic card reader is a vital tool in accepting card-based payment and ensuring that data is secure.

Cash Drawer Buyer's Guide - With a good cash drawer, you gain the peace of mind knowing your daily cash, checks, coins, and other financial documents are stored safely and securely. Cash drawers operate by receiving an electrical signal to open the drawer, and receive that signal from a variety of interfaces, including USB, serial, but most commonly while connected to a receipt printer.

Pole Display Buyer's Guide - Pole displays help retailers share vital information with customers, usually pricing or other promotional information. Traditionally displaying 2 lines of 20 characters, pole displays have seen an upgrade recently, offering greater customization, including full LCD graphic displays.

Receipt Printer Buyer's Guide - The receipt printer is one of the most vital tools at your checkstand. Available in a variety of printing styles and speeds, receipt printers are built to meet the needs of many different applications. From restaurant tab printing to tags for dry cleaners, receipt printers are the workhorse of many businesses.

POS Software Buyer's Guide - It's difficult to run a POS system without POS software. Thankfully, our POS software buyer's guide offers a breakdown on the different features of the major software we carry, allowing you to make a more informed decision. From great software developers including Intuit, Microsoft, and Aldelo, our buyer's guide lets you know exactly which software is right for you.

POSGuys Historical Buying Guides - These pages still have some very useful information but some of the products and ideas referenced have been replaced or improved upon.