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Additional Barcode Label Stock Information

Barcode label stock is vital to any label printing operation. POSGuys has a vast selection of labels, each designed to support specific uses. From temporary direct thermal paper labels to more permanent polypropylene thermal transfer labels, we have it all. We separated our labels based on the type of printer they support, and whether they're direct thermal or thermal transfer media.

Direct Thermal Rolls

Direct thermal labels have a special additive in the paper that changes color when heat is applied. This eliminates the need for printing media, making for a bit more affordable operation. Since these labels are heat sensitive, the content is prone to fading, making them ideal for more temporary labels or labels in more stable temperature conditions. We recommend them for product labeling in retail or shipping environments, where the label may only be necessary for a few months.

Thermal Transfer Rolls

Thermal transfer labels require additional media for the printer to transfer text and images to them. Usually this happens via a wax ribbon, making these labels more resilient to wild temperature swings. Thermal transfer printing is fantastic for long-term labeling solutions, such as fixed asset management, long-term inventory tracking, or manufacturing processes.

Desktop Label Rolls

Desktop label printers are small enough to fit next to a workstation PC, and so their label rolls need to be smaller to accomodate the space-saving designs. These are available in all styles of direct thermal and thermal transfer media you may need, allowing you to get the best style label for your intended use.

Industrial Label Rolls

Industrial barcode printers are designed with maximum uptime in mind, and so their label rolls are much larger than the desktop variant. When you have to print 30,000 labels in a day, using industrial rolls can cut the number of roll replacements in half.

Barcode Label Printer Ribbons

Thermal transfer printers need ribbons in order to print content onto your labels. Available in a variety of compositions, including wax, resin, and combinations therein, each provide a differing amount of durability and ease of use.

There are many different media options to choose for a label printer. If you have any questions or are unsure which media is right for you, please give us a call at 1-800-903-6571.

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