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Receipt Paper

Businesses tend to only think about receipt paper when they're out. Thankfully, we carry a wide variety of paper to make sure you are stocked with the right type. There really are only two distinct types of paper, plain and thermal, so it's easy to make sure you're getting the right kind.

Thermal Paper

Thermal paper contains an emulsion that changes color when heat is applied to it. This allows printers to cut back on additional moving parts or ink transfer methods, ensuring faster and quieter printing. These receipts are susceptible to heat changes and can fade over time, so they are ideally suited for proof of purchase use. Certain thermal paper contains a special emulsion, allowing you to print two colors using different heat levels. This allows you to create custom graphics or identify special orders on the receipt. All Thermal Receipt Paper sold by POSGuys.com is BPA-Free.

Plain Paper

For use in inkjet and impact printers, plain paper is more affordable than its thermal counterpart and usually longer lasting. Since ink is applied to the paper, it is less susceptible to heat changes, making it a good fit in kitchen or dry cleaner environments. Plain paper, when used with impact printers, can support multiple ply printing, creating a carbon copy on a second or third sheet. Multi-ply printing is useful when printing credit slips or invoices, situations where a business may need a copy as well as the customer.

Receipt Printer Ribbon

These are for use in impact receipt printers. The ribbon is fed through a cartridge that ensures the dot matrix impact print head can easily apply ink to paper.

If you have any questions on which type of paper or ribbon is right for you, please call us at 1-800-903-6571.

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