Citizen CL-S700 Prnt. CL-E720DTUB2N

Citizen CL-S700 Prnt. Extended Catalog Parts

Citizen's powerful lineup includes both desktop and industrial printers combining performance with reliability to deliver hundreds or thousands of labels every day. The desktop printers are designed for easy media loading while an all-metal printhead in most models insures extraordinary long lasting service. The industrial printers include Citizen's innovative Cross-Emulation feature and their pioneering Hi-Lift mechanism for easy access to ribbons and media. Citizen is also a leader in niche market, with two affordable options for Ticketing and 6" wide format printer. Certainly, Citizen has a barcode printer for every size and need!

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Part Number Description Price
CL-E720DTUB2N CL-E720, DT, 203DPI, 120V, WIFI 2.4GHZ+LAN,BLK $1,035.78 Add to Cart
CL-E720UBNN CL-E720, TT, 203DPI, 120V, Enet & USB $1,014.56 Add to Cart
CL-E730UBNN CL-E730, TT, 300DPI, 120V, Enet & USB $1,269.26 Add to Cart
CL-S700 CL-S700, DT/TT, 203DPI $1,252.28 Add to Cart
CL-S700-C CL-S700, DT/TT, 203DPI, w/ Standard Cutter $1,422.08 Add to Cart
CL-S700DT CL-S700, DT, 203DPI $997.58 Add to Cart
CL-S700DT-C CL-S700, DT, 203DPI, w/ Standard Cutter $1,167.38 Add to Cart
CL-S700DT-E CL-S700, DT, 203DPI, w/Enet $1,167.38 Add to Cart
CL-S700-E CL-S700, DT/TT, 203DPI, w/Enet $1,422.08 Add to Cart
CL-S700-EC CL-S700, DT/TT, 203DPI, w/Enet and standard cutter $1,591.88 Add to Cart
CL-S700-EHC Citizen CL-S700, 203 dpi, 4.1 Inch Print Width, 10 ips Print Speed, Ethernet, Rotary-Cutter. $1,995.15 Add to Cart
CL-S700-EP CL-S700, DT/TT, 203DPI, w/Enet & Peeler $1,506.98 Add to Cart
CL-S700-ER CL-S700, DT/TT, 203DPI, w/Rewinder & Enet $1,761.68 Add to Cart
CL-S700-P CL-S700, DT/TT, 203DPI, w/Peeler $1,337.18 Add to Cart
CL-S700-R CL-S700, DT/TT, 203DPI, w/Rewinder $1,591.88 Add to Cart
CL-S700-W CL-S700, DT/TT, 203DPI, WiFi 2.4GHz $1,485.75 Add to Cart
CL-S700-WC CL-S700 Direct Thermal-Thermal Transfer Printer (203 dpi, 4.1 Inch Print Width, 10 ips Print Speed, WiFi, RS-232 Serial, USB, Cutter) $1,655.55 Add to Cart
CL-S703 CL-S703, DT/TT, 300DPI $1,506.98 Add to Cart
CL-S703-C CL-S703, DT/TT, 300DPI, w/Standard Cutter $1,676.78 Add to Cart
CL-S703-E CL-S703, DT/TT, 300DPI, w/Enet $1,676.78 Add to Cart
CL-S703-EHC CL-S703, DT/TT, 300DPI, w/Rotary Cutter & Ethernet $2,249.85 Add to Cart
CL-S703-EP CL-S703, DT/TT, 300DPI, w/Ethernet & Peeler $1,761.68 Add to Cart
CL-S703-ER CL-S703, DT/TT, 300DPI, w/Rewinder & Ethernet $2,016.38 Add to Cart
CL-S703-HC CL-S703, DT/TT, 300DPI, w/Rotary Cutter $2,080.05 Add to Cart
CL-S703-P CL-S703, DT/TT, 300DPI, w/Peeler $1,591.88 Add to Cart
CL-S703R CL-S703, DT/TT, 300DPI, w/Rewinder $1,846.58 Add to Cart
CL-S703-W CL-S703, DT/TT, 300DPI, WiFi 2.4GHz $1,740.45 Add to Cart

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