Cash Register Express
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CRE Feature Matrix
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Dynamic Inventory

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  • Inventory Control.
  • Detailed Order history.
  • Recall inventory.
  • Out of stock reports.
  • Re-order point alarms.
  • Re-order and low stock reports.
  • Vendor tracking.
  • Multiple discounts levels.
  • Barcode label printing (Available with Barcode Express Upgrade)
  • Purchase Order Generation- generates new purchase orders.
  • Purchase Order Maintenance-review/reprint/mark off items as they are received.
  • Non-Inventory Item- add an item to an invoice that is not part of your inventory.
  • Add new inventory items -add new items to your inventory.
  • Track serial numbers.
  • Multiple pricing levels.
  • Detailed inventory reports.
  • Add inventory items at any time.
  • Auto Cost Percentage for Non-Inventory Items.
  • Allows you to group inventory items into different categories.
  • Create as many departments or categories as you need.
  • Assign Department IDs and Department Names you want.
  • Search Department by ID or by name.
  • Inventory report by Department. This report generates a complete listing of all the department IDs with their corresponding description.

Customer Tracking

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  • Use preprinted customer cards to allow easy access to customer information, discounts, bonus plan, purchasing and more!
  • Detailed customer history.
  • Prints accounts receivable statements and reports.
  • Look-Up Customer- list of all invoices processed for a particular customer.
  • Add new customer- create a new customer account.
  • Stores complete customer tracking.
  • Accounts Receivable- make payment adjustments on a customer's account.
  • Open accounts and set customer credit limits.
  • Credit limit alert.
  • Print Customer Labels- print labels for a customer on a barcode.
  • Prints accounts receivable for customers owing money.
  • Supports lay-aways.
  • Discount Levels- set up discount levels for customers.
  • Customer Bonus- define bonus for customers.
  • Bill To/Ship To (for mail order)- generates a list of customers and their ship to addresses.
  • Add customer "On-The-Fly"
  • Prints mailing labels.
  • Customer lookup by name or number.
  • Track and print bar coded membership cards.
  • Place transaction on hold and then process another transaction.

Detailed Reporting

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  • Detailed sales history.
  • Store old invoices.
  • Print reports to screen or printer.
  • Daily Gross Profits- print the gross profit for a specified date.
  • Print Daily Totals on Receipt Printer- Summary of all invoices for all cashiers.
  • Detailed Daily Report- Detailed sales totals for the day.
  • Grand Total by Cashier- print totals by cashier.
  • Grand Total Sales by Item- print totals by item.
  • Grand Totals by Payment Method- Breaks down invoices by payment methods (cash, check, credit card).
  • Grand Total by Date- Displays grand total for a given date.
  • Inventory Report (Alphabetical)- list of all items in the inventory alphabetically.
  • Inventory Report (Numerical)- list of all items in the inventory numerically.
  • Inventory Report (Reorder)- inventory items that have fallen below reorder levels.
  • Inventory Report, Matrix Quantity- items of a particular group in stock.
  • Inventory Report, Daily Itemized Sales- number of sold of items on a particular date.
  • Inventory Report, Sales Summary- monthly breakdown of reports.

Palm Integration

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  • Scan in new inventory through a wireless palm scanner
  • Count and update your existing stock numbers
  • Create a purcase order via wireless palm scanner

Multiple Payment Methods

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  • Process credit card manually or via the optional IC VERIFY credit card processing software.
  • Validate Checks
  • Integrate with a change dispenser
  • Multiple tax rates.
  • Split tender between different payment methods
  • Works with food stamps


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  • Deadbeat Control- lists all the items that are currently rented by a customer.
  • Return Rentals - rent out items and put it back to the inventory when the item is returned.
  • Number of Days Rent- set the # of days to rent an item without incurring any late charges.
  • Daily Late Charge- set your return overdue fee.
  • Rating- specifies the rating of a movie (Example: G, PG, PG-13, etc.).
  • Late Rentals Report- lists rentals that are currently overdue.
  • Currently Rented Items- prints report of items that are currently rented.
  • Rentals in Store- print report of rental items currently in the store.
  • Rental History- runs a rental history of a rental item.

Quickbooks Integration

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  • Integrates with QuickBooks - transfer sales data to quickbooks for easy accounting.

POS Functions

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  • Checkout customers fast.
  • Many quick checkout options.
  • Optional inventory lookups.
  • Calculate and display change.
  • Sale Pricing- place an item on sale for certain dates.
  • Automatically calculates change.
  • Add notes to appear on the bottom of every receipt.
  • Prints the ID of the cashier who processed a particular invoice.
  • Allows you to put a customer's invoice on his account.
  • Place an invoice on hold and then enter new transactions.
  • Print On Hold Invoice- prints the invoice and puts it on hold.
  • Void This Invoice- void the current invoice.
  • Recall Invoice- display a completed or voided invoice.
  • Recall On-Hold Invoice- recall an invoice placed on hold.
  • Invoice Discount- apply a specific discount to the current invoice.
  • Line Discount- apply a discount to a specific line of the current invoice.
  • Tip Line on Credit Card Invoice- a line for tip amount on credit card invoice.
  • 10 Lines of Optional Notes.
  • All details of every transaction stored.
  • Reprint any receipt or invoice any time.
  • Place an unlimited number of transactions on hold.
  • Recall/edit/complete on hold transactions.
  • Serial number tracking..
  • Track back orders.
  • MS Office compatible.
  • Access every aspect of Cash Register Express using mouse or ordinary keyboard.
  • Activate or deactivate the Hobart Weight Scale.

Security Functions

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  • Password Protection.
  • Set different access levels
  • Restrict functions to managerial only
  • Set functions to use a manager overide
  • Transactions record cashier
  • Integrates with a security card login system (barcode or magnetic stripe)


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  • Set up the system on a Windows Network
  • Multiple stores can pool data to a central location*
  • Sales and inventory information can be trasfered via automated email*

*Must Upgrade to Enterprise Edition

Barcode Printing (Barcode Express)

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  • Use a desktop printer and Avery 5160 Labels*
  • Use a Cognitive Desktop Printer and Print on 5 different label sizes including Jeweler's Butterfly Tags, and Clothing Tags*
  • Customize the look of the label by using the integrated GUI*
  • Automatically connect to your CRE Database*
  • Print pre-defined allotments*

*Must Upgrade to include Barcode Express

Minimum Requirements

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  • Windows 95/98/NT4.0/2000/XP with 32 megs of RAM or better
  • 486 or higher (Pentium better)
  • CD ROM drive, 3.5" floppy drive