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CR3500 Age Verifiers

The Code CR3500 has reached end of life. It has been replaced by the Code CR3600.

The Code CR3500 age verification system helps ensure your bar or restaurant is only serving to patrons of legal age. In today’s fast paced world, losing a license to sell even for only a few days can spell disaster and with all the pressure on those manually checking IDs to verify quickly, mistakes are unfortunately made. Avoid embarrassing and costly ID slip ups by using the CR3500 age verifier.

Besides making ID checking more accurate, the CR3500 speeds up the age verification process by eliminating the lengthy scrutiny required for accurate ID checking. Unlike a person who may not be accustomed to different forms of ID, the CR3500 can read drivers license from any state, ID cards and military IDs all in the same brief instance. It quickly scans 1d/2d barcodes and magnetic stripes, delivering age feedback via sound, vibration and/or screen reading. The vibration feedback for noisy environments is especially helpful in bars or restaurants where hearing may be difficult.

The CR3500 has 10MB of internal memory which means that you won’t need a PC or any other hardware to store id information. The data captured from IDs is time stamped and stored internally for seven days just in case it is needed by enforcement agencies, and then permanently deleted to keep private information secure.

The CR3500 is an asset to any business selling age restricted items and with its two year standard warranty is sure to deliver efficient age verification service and peace of mind for years.
  • Features
  • Reads 1D barcodes, 2D barcodes and magnetic stripes
  • Alarm will sound if patron is underage
  • Vibration feedback for noisy environments
  • Data is time-stamped using an internal real-time clock
  • Data is protected and automatically deleted after 7 days
  • No PC or manual management of data required
  • No monthly software fees
The Code CR3500 features an optional Premier Service Plan (extended warranty) which includes free software updates, accidental damage coverage and also allows for a $99 flat-rate replacement of the unit. If damaged a replacement unit is shipped within 2 business days with the extended warranty ($99 replacement fee applies).

Code is not responsible for configuring the CR3500 to meet individual states' data capture and retention regulations.
Product Specifications
Scan Method Scans 1D barcodes, 2D barcodes and magnetic stripes
Interface (download data) USB
Style Hands free stand with magnetic stripe reader (MSR) and handheld mode
Durability Withstands multiple drops to concrete from six feet
Power Source Rechargeable battery and mount charger
Certifications FIPS Certified
Warranty 2 Years

Code CR3500 Reviews

POSGuys Rating:

The CR3500 scans 1D, 2D, and magnetic stripes covering all of the major technologies used in IDs today. It also has a unique reflection and glare reducing illumination technology to make reading shiny ID surfaces easier. One more unique feature of the CR3500 is its helpful purple and red targeting guides. When the two colored beams overlap, the barcode will precisely scan. The purple beam, while perhaps not intended for this purpose also works a bit like a black light (UV Light) to validate state holograms.

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CR3500 Age Verifier, Includes Magnetic Card Reader, 2D Scanner with Driver's License Parsing, Charger, USB Cable
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Code Reader 3500 Age Verifier: Age Verification (Ages 19 and 21) System, 3900 MAH Battery Handle, Magnetic Stripe Reader (MSR) Stand, 6 Foot USB Cable, DL Parsing Software. For Utah Age Verification
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Code Corp Extended Warranty (Premier Service Level) for the CR3500 Age Verifier (2 year Flat-rate replacement/repair of unit with refurbished unit, with the return of the damaged device for $99.00.)
Age Verification Download Kit (Includes Cable, Battery Blank, Wrench, and Screws)

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