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Having many features desired by other customers, this option sells fairly well.
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Product Comes With: QBT2430-BK-BTK2 QuickScan QBT2400 Barcode Scanner, Black with Charging/Communication Base, Interface Cable, RS-232 Interface, Power Supply Included
More Information: DataLogic QuickScan I QBT2400 For rapid line busting and maximum cashier efficiency, the QuickScan I QBT2400 is the best value for hands free, cordless, 2D scanning. Part Number:

This is a listing for individual item QBT2430-BK-BTK2

Description: This is the only model of the QBT2400 that comes with an RS-232 interface connection. QuickScan I QBT2400 QBT2430-BK-BTK2 DataLogicDataLogic

The QBT2430-BK-BTK2 is not one of this product's most popular models.

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AC Line Cord
Battery Pack, Removable, RBP-2X00, Black (Batteries must be shipped via ground shipping)
Switching Power Supply, 5V 3A, Line Cord Not Included
Gryphon 2 Meter USB Interface Cable
Gryphon PS/2 Keyboard Wedge Interface Cable