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Honeywell Xenon Ultra 1960g

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Xenon Ultra 1960g Barcode Scanner

Premium Corded Handheld Scanner for Retail and Light Manufacturing Applications

Barcode scanning has become a critical workflow throughout a variety of industries – including light industrial and retail – making it a key ingredient in achieving streamlined operations. Deploying a reliable scanning solution can help an enterprise feel confident in meeting the increased demands and heightened expectations of their customers and achieve lasting success.

The Xenon Ultra family of handheld scanners is a premium evolution of the widely known legacy Xenon and Xenon XP general purpose scanners, taking our industry-leading scan performance and reliability one step further.

  • In addition to a green-dot aimer to visibly enhance targeting and improve scan accuracy, the newly engineered and innovative scan platform empowers snappy scanning operations.
  • The modern design exhibits an improved aesthetic, and the enhanced user experience and durability businesses depend on.
  • The flexible XR supports most scanning use cases in a single device without compromising range or speed, helping retailers get more done while managing fewer device types.
  • Utilize the cable from your existing deployment of the Xenon XP 1950g on your new deployment of Xenon Ultra 1960.
  • The Honeywell Scanner Management Utility (SMU) creates a holistic solution that helps automate how you deploy and update the scanners in your environment.

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