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HHP Quick Check 200 Series

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Quick Check 200 Series Barcode Verifiers

The Quick Check 200 Series Verifiers are easy to use, yet packed with high performance features that utilize the most sophisticated test methods. Every model can be instantly programmed to test specific bar code specifications by simply scanning command codes or by using the easy-to-follow menu driven program which guides an operator through each step. Each model boosts productivity and is so inexpensive that you can afford to provide Each of these verifiers is designed to display bar code quality test results in one quick glance. Results are displayed immediately and all the information needed for proper bar code evaluation is provided through an LCD and colored LEDs. To accommodate both right and left handed operators, the LCD image can be flipped for reading in either orientation. For further detail, scroll and select buttons guide the user through an easy-to-follow menu to quickly display comprehensive test results. If needed, a detailed hard copy printout can be produced using optional Quick Check printers or results can be downloaded to a PC via an RS232 communication interface. Each verifier is available with a 5, 6, or 10 mil test aperture and each is powered by an integrated rechargeable battery pack.

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