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POS System Backup Info

Our POS Systems have been built to improve efficiency and uptime at your business, and with free automated backups through Spideroak, you get the added peace of mind that comes with off-site data storage. Spideroak backup services provide double-encryped backups of your data, ensuring you are the only person who can access your files. With up to 2 GB of lifetime backup storage, you can rest assured that your vital point of sale data is safe. And if you need more than 2 GB, Spideroak offers greater backup options for a monthly fee.

Before your POS system ships, our support staff will set up the Spideroak backup software to automatically backup your POS database. The Spideroak account is yours to manage once you receive the system, in case you want to add files to back up or alter the backup schedule. Each system comes equipped with Spideroak's backup solution, including our complete solutions for retail pos systems, restaurant pos systems, salon & spa pos systems, and mobile pos systems

About Spideroak Software
POS Backup With SpiderOak Spideroak backs up your data via the Spideroak backup software. We install and configure prior the software to shipment, making sure your POS software database is backed up. The software runs in the background, allowing you to focus on business operations with minimal interruptions.

Spideroak's backup software is remarkably straightforward to set up and manage. The software runs in two backup modes, basic and advanced. Basic allows you to backup specific user directories- downloads, my documents, etc.- while advanced gives you finer control of directories and files to backup.

SpiderOak POS Backup Backups can be scheduled in a variety of ways to best meet your business's needs. By default, backups are uploaded any time the monitored files or folders change. Backups can also be scheduled at specific times, in case you prefer weekly or daily backups.

The software also allows you to keep a local copy of backups, terrific if you run into a problem and need to quickly roll back to a previous version of your data. If you'd like to incorporate Spideroak backups into your existing POS system, sign up for your own free Spideroak backup account today!
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