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Retail Hero RMS Lite Features

Retail Hero RMS Lite is an add-on to Microsoft RMS POS Software, giving you the ability to quickly add temporary POS stations or checkstands to your business. This software offers most of the same features and functionality you get with a standard RMS checkstand but at a lower price and without the recurring service fees associated with RMS. The following table breaks down the differences between RMS and RMS Lite.

RMS Lite Features List

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System Requirements

Features Comparison
FeatureDescriptionRMS POSRMS LiteComment for RMS Lite
Pole displayUse Pole DisplayYesYes
OPOS receipt printerUse OPOS receipt printerYesYes
Windows receipt printerUse Windows receipt printerYesYes
Customizable receipt templatesReceipt template for transactionYesYesCustom receipt format similar to that of RMS
Cash drawerThrough the receipt printerYesYes
Weight scaleFor weighing itemsYesYesNew in version 1.0.26
Signature capturePad with stylus that records a customers signature digitallyYesNoPlanned for future
MSRMagnetic stripe readerYesYesKeyboard emulator only. OPOS planned
Check readerFor reading printed checksYesNo
PinpadFor processing credit/debit transactionsYesYesVerifone 1000SE, Ingenico 3070 with TranSentry(tm)
Payment processingDigital payment methodsYesYesMPS Credit-Debit, including Canadian, with Mercury Payment System using TranSentrry (tm)
Item LookupThe window for looking up items to add to a transactionYesYes
Find WindowAdvanced item lookup with search functionsYesNoreplaced with a "smart find" function which instantly looks up the records while the user typing
Barcode scanningAdding items to a transaction using a barcode scannerYesYesNo support for OPOS barcode scanner (yet)
Customer lookupAssigning a customer to a transactionYesYes
DiscountingDiscount schemes and applicationYesYes
ReturnsPerforming return transactionsYesYes
JournalView sales receiptsYesYesCan only view and reprint its own sales receipts
ShippingAdding shipping to transactionsYesNoPlanned for future
On Account paymentsUsing customer accounts as a tender typeYesNoNot planned
Tax changesModifying item taxes at the POSYesYesTax change available on per-item basis only
Transaction detailAdding details (text) to an entire transactionsYesNoPlanned for future
Item commentAdding comments to a line itemYesNoPlanned for future
Sales RepsAbility to assign a sales rep to the transactionYesNoPlanned for future
Sales Rep ColumnA column showing the sales rep that sold the line itemYesNoPlanned for future
HoldPutting a transaction on hold for later retrieval YesYes
Item substitutesItems that are suggested to cashier if item added is not in stockYesYes
QuotesA pre-defined transaction that was created for a customerYesNo
Work OrdersA transaction with the option of a deposit that is processed and then picked up latedYesNo
LayawayA transaction with the option of a deposit and multiple paymentsYesNo
Back OrderA transaction for items that are not in stockYesNo
TenderingPushing F12 and entering tender information, then taking paymentYesYes
Multi-currencyUsing multiple tenders for a saleYesYes
Reason codesWhen certain actions are taken, a list of reasons for the cashier to chooseYesYes
Time clockUsed by employees to log their time workedYesNo
CalculatorA simple calculatorYesNo
CalendarA shared calendarYesNo
No SaleThe ability to perform a no sale that pops the cash drawerYesYes
Cash DropThe process of removing cash from the till during a batchYesNo
PayoutA way to payout cash from the drawerYesNo
MacroRecord a macroYesNo
Toggle Tax Function KeyTurns tax on or offYesNo
Screen Function KeyOpens up screen settingsYesNo
MessagesSend messages to other cashiersYesNo
Payment Function KeyAbility to make payments on account and against layawaysYesNo
No Tax Function KeyA quick on/off toggle for taxesYesNo
GraphsSimple sales graphsYesNo
Gas PumpOperate a gas pump in POSYesNo
ReprintButton that reprints the last sales receiptYesYes
TouchscreenThe optional interface with large colored buttonsYesYes
Net displayAn optional extra monitor that can display receipt or webpage informationYesNo
SecureLocking the POS or switching logins during a transactionYesYes
Custom POS ButtonsButtons that allow quick access of functions (on the right of POS)YesNo
Status BarThe very top of POS which shows icons and cashier/register infoYesYes
Matrix Items Matrix view Yes No Planned in future releases
Access levelsRoles of employees designated by numberYesYes
HTML Status BarThe large customizable HTML portion at the top of the POSYesNoReplaced with status bar
Serialized Items Serialized item type Yes No Planned in future releases
CurrencyChange the default currency for the transactionYesNo
GIft Certificates/Vouchers Yes No Planned in future releases
VoucherLookup voucher informationYesNoPlanned for future
Internet OrderUser RMSNet internet ordersYesNo


  • Microsoft RMS
      RMS Requirements
    • Microsoft Windows XP Home or Professional with Service Pack 2 or later, Windows 2000 with Service Pack 4 or later, Windows Embedded for Point of Service (Microsoft Dynamics RMS Store Operations only), Microsoft Windows Server 2003 with Service Pack 1 or later, or Windows Vista Business or above (32-bit only)
    • Intel Pentium 600 MHz or higher processor (1 GHz recommended)
    • 50 MB (1 GB for Microsoft Dynamics RMS Headquarters) Hard Disk Space
    • 192 MB of RAM (512 MB or higher recommended)
    • CD-ROM drive
    • VGA (800 x 600) or higher-resolution monitor with 256 colors for Point of Sale application
      VGA (1024 x 768) or higher-resolution monitor for Manager application
    • 32-bit network card required for Microsoft Dynamics RMS Headquarters

General RMS Lite Information

RMS Lite Setup Video