APG Stratis

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Stratis Features
Printer Driven
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Black (BL), White (AW)

Stratis Cash Drawers

This product replaces the older APG Cash Drawer Caddy Kit.

The stylish APG Stratis offers a sophisticated and efficient solution currently lacking in the tablet based point-of-sale options. Magnetically attached together, the cash drawer partners with an innovative tablet stand that glides between the cashier and the customer, allowing a smooth and seamless check out experience. Cables are managed through the top of the cash drawer, giving you the ability to charge your tablet and run a printer cord while still maintaining a semblance of order. The customer facing side of the cash drawer features a chrome strip for added decoration, and an optional LED lighted strip drawer is available if you want to further enhance your check out experience .

    Highlighted Features
  • Under cover cable management with USB port
  • Available with Chrome accent or LED Lighted Strip
  • Standard 5 Bill 5 Coin removable till
Product Specifications
Dimensions 16.2 x 17.25 x 5.25 inches (411 x 439 x 133 mm)
Weight 20 lbs
Color Options Black (BL)
White (AW)
Customer Facing Accent Chrome
Lighted LED
Till US 5 bill, 5 coin included
Media Slots Dual Slots
Lock 4-Position
Interface 24V Solenoid (BluePRO Bluetooth sold separately)
Life Cycle Over 1 Million Cycles
Warranty Two year warranty

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POSGuys Rating: Not Rated

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Product Video Transcript

APG Stratis Cash Drawer for Tablets Video

Hi, this is April at POSGuys.com. Today we’re showing you a new product. It is the APG Stratis Cash Drawer System. It’s designed for tablet point of sale systems. It has all the same standard features that you would see on other APG Vasario drawers. We have a standard five-bill till that is removable, two media slots, and a three position key lock. Some unique features for this drawer are the customer facing side includes a chrome strip, and if you want to go for a fancier version, you can get the LED lighted strip.

Another feature is an undercover cable management system, so it has a USB port right here along with larger holes here to run larger cables through. And this is plastic, so if you need to run a very large capable through it, you can drill through it, if you wish. It keeps them all nice and tidy, so you have a nice clean looking cash register. An additional accessory for this cash register is its magnetic stand, so you can position it anywhere you’d like on top of the cash drawer. It also has a smooth gliding system so you can see and then you can turn it to your customer facing side. That glide allows you to have everything plugged in without your cable getting twisted up as you’re sliding it to the customer side. It also can be positioned in this view.

Another unique feature on this stand is its quick release, so you can change out your tablet whenever you need to. Right now we have an iPad in there. You can also fit a 10-inch Windows tablet in here. It is designed to hold tablets between 6.6 inches and 8.5 inches in height, so make sure that you check your measurements on your tablet. Here’s a nice final setup. You have everything you need here to run a transaction with your card reader, your scanner, and your thermal receipt printer. It comes in a 16 x 18 inch size. At this point in time there’s just one size and it does come in two colors; black or white. You can get it with a chrome strip or the LED lighted strip, if you choose. For more information or to purchase the Stratis, please visit us at POSGuys.com.

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Stratis Cash Drawer Black with Chrome Highlight, MultiPRO 320 Interface. Order Printer Cable Separately.

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Stratis Cash Drawer Black with LED Highlight, MultiPRO Interface. Order Printer Cable Separately.
Stratis Cash Drawer White with LED Lighting, Multipro 320 Interface. Order Printer Cable Separately.

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