We Support What We Sell

Expert Sales Staff (No really, we are the best.)

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Our sales team is second to none when it comes to knowing barcode scanners, receipt printers, or other POS equipment. When not on the phone, they work with the POSGuys support staff, as well as manufacturers to further hone their product knowledge. If you are ever unsure of which product is right for you, or even if you have an idea but don't know what solution is the best fit, give our sales staff a call and they'll happily find the best equipment for your needs.

Want proof? Take a look at our YouTube channel with hundreds of unique POSGuys videos created over ten years. (We've been around since 2001, four years before YouTube started.) 

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Lifetime Technical Support

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The POSGuys.com support staff trained mercilessly to become the experts on installing, configuring, and using every product we sell. From problems as trivial as adding a carriage return to a barcode scanner's output to as complex as configuring a wireless receipt printer in a WPA-secured environment, POSGuys.com's support staff handles them with the poise and grace that makes anyone relieved to have their assistance.

Live Chat

POSGuys.com offers live online chat making it easier to find what you need. Who needs the telephone when you can chat with a sales representative instantly. With just the click of a button, our sales team will help guide you in your barcode scanner, receipt printer, or other pos equipment purchase, saving you time and ensuring you get the right product in your hands.