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Additional Information on DataLogic

Datalogic Inc. is a leader in retail point of sale scanners and offers the most comprehensive line of all purpose and ruggedized handheld scanners in their field with products #1 and #2 in the world rankings.

Datalogic is respected for well built and dependable products and also offers the same high level of quality in terms of support as well. The technology they bring to market supports multiple industries including: retail, distribution, manufacturing, government, and healthcare.

The Datalogic line of scanners and inventory software fits well with the product mix. The ruggedized hand held Falcon PC’s are top of the line and an excellent choice for field work and inventory applications and even come in RF models like the Falcon 4410 RF where wireless is required. The Power Scan series is also utilized in industrial settings and offers water resistance.

Once you have chosen the correct hardware pieces for your application you may consider one of the Program Generation Software choices such as the DataLogic Universal Program Generator. These software programs allow for the creation of a inventory management system based on your custom parameters. A must have if there are multiple date fields to manage and you need the data exactly how you want it to save time and resources.

Finally, the Datalogic Magellan 8500 is a combination scale and scanner for retail grocery type applications. It is very rugged and scans all 6 sides of an item to get the scan the first time while improving product check out flow.

Overall the Datalogic line is a rest at ease type of manufacturer and the sales staff is poised to assist in drilling down which of their products would benefit your organization. Phone: 800-903-6571 to discuss!

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