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Barcode Scanner

Barcode scanners are a fantastic way to speed up data management and eliminate data entry errors at virtually any business. They translate encoded data into their alphanumeric equivalent, sending them on to your computer or POS system. There are a variety of scanning methods and build designs for barcode scanners, each meeting specific needs.

Scan Type-

    CCD -  CCD scanners are some of the more affordable on the market. They tend to have shorter scan ranges and only scan 1D barcodes, so they tend to be good for a limited number of applications, such as libraries or very small retailers.

Suggested Model

EconoScan II Barcode Scanner, Black, USB Interface

    Linear Imagers - These build on the capabilities of CCD imagers, providing faster scanning and greater accuracy at longer ranges. A linear imager is also capable of reading barcodes on LCD screens, giving you options for mobile couponing or ticketing applications.

Suggested Model

Hyperion 1300g Barcode Scanner, Black Scanner with Interface Cable, USB Interface

    Laser Scanners - With laser scanning, the barcode scanner uses a spinning mirror or prism to spread a laser point into a line. The scanner measures the amount of light reflected back to decode the barcode data. With additional mirrors, the beam can display in multiple angles, giving you omni directional scanning like you see in grocery store scanners.

Suggested Model

LS2208 Scanner Kit, Black with Scanner, Stand and USB Cable, USB Interface

    2D Imagers - Using the same technology as a digital camera, a 2D imager takes a photo of the barcode and then translates it to alphanumeric data. 2D imagers have added optional functionality, including Optical Character Recognition (OCR) or image capture.

Suggested Model

DS4800 Imager, Midnight Black with Interface Cable, No Stand, USB Interface

Build Design-

    Handheld Scanner- Handheld scanners have the traditional look and feel of a barcode scanner, often looking kind of like a phaser or prop from a sci fi movie. They feature designs and ergonomics that provide in-hand comfort for full workshifts, as well.

Suggested Model

LI2208 Barcode Scanner, Black with Auto-sense Stand, Interface Cable, USB Interface

    Presentation Scanner- These scanners sit on top of your counter or are mounted to poles or desks, creating a scanning window where you present the product to be scanned. Since you move the product instead of the scanner, a presentation scanner is a good choice for high volume scanning where you may move many products from a prep area to bagging area.

Suggested Model

DS9208 Barcode Scanner Kit, Black with Standard Range Imager, 7-ft Straight Interface Cable, USB Interface

    In-Counter Scanner- In-counter scanners are mounted into your counter, and provide even faster scanning than standard presentation scanners. They are very common in large department stores, grocery stores, or hardware stores. Often they incorporate a scale, allowing you to sell products by weight as well as barcode.

Suggested Model

Magellan 8500xt Scanner-Scale, Grey With Single Measure Interval, LLT Top, No Display, US Power Supply, USB Interface
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