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Customer Line Display

There are two types of pole displays currently on the market, Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD), and Vacuum Fluorescent Displays (VFD). Each performs a different function, with a different cost, dependent on a businesses needs. Businesses are required by law to provide information to their customer so that prior to completing a purchase, the customer can verify the total cost of multiple items, as well as applicable taxes.

LCDs are flashier and more useful for businesses that have items they want to promote, or additional information they need to provide to their customers beyond purchase prices. LCDs are typically more expensive than VFDs. An LCD display will be found often times in grocery stores, restaurants, or large ticket retailers such as furniture stores. These businesses will have more detailed information, such as price savings due to loyalty, or rebate discounts which the customer wants to be able to see before confirming their purchase. In environments like these, a Logic Controls LV3000 is a great option.

Some displays are able to be attached to the back of the POS all-in-one system, facing the customer. Other times businesses will add a second monitor and place it facing the customer so the customer can see everything. A second monitor consumes a large footprint, and when counter space is at a premium, pole displays provide more by having a small footprint.

VFDs are the other option. A VFD only has 2 lines with 20 characters of information, usually the name or abbreviation of the product, and the price of the product being purchased. When your business has very straight forward information, or your products have a static price scheme, a VFD is a less expensive option. A small, independent burger joint, or a teriyaki house would probably benefit more from a VFD than they would from an LCD. For VFDs, look at the POS-X Xp8200, or the Epson DM-D110. Make sure the product your getting uses the right port for your POS system.

Here are a few recommended pole displays:


Suggested Models

LV3000 Pole Display, Black with VGA Interface
LV3000 Pole Display, Black with USB Interface


Suggested Models

D110 Pole Display Kit, Color: Cool White with Power Adapter and RS232 Cable, Serial Interface
D110 Pole Display Kit, Color: Dark Grey with Power Adapter and RS232 Cable, Serial Interface

Suggested Models

XP8200 Pole Display, Black With Adjustable Height, RS-232 Serial Interface. It has been replaced by 11252
XP8200 Pole Display, Black With Adjustable Height, USB Interface (Previously XP8200U)

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