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Intuit is the developer of QuickBooks Point of Sale software. This powerful and scalable software suite provides easy integration into QuickBooks Financial software, making it easy to create sales and income reports and send data to your financial advisor or accountant.

QuickBooks POS Basic- Designed for smaller retailers, Point of Sale Basic has the features needed for day-to-day operations. While advanced features, such as automatic re-order points and rewards programs, aren't included, the software is still a great choice if you are moving from an electronic cash register to a full point of sale system.

QuickBooks POS Pro- Point of Sale Pro improves on Basic, giving you the ability to track employee scheduling, automatic re-ordering, and more. This software can scale to handle multiple lanes as well, great for department stores or businesses that are ready to grow.

QuickBooks POS Multi-Store- If your business has multiple locations, Point of Sale Multi-Store is the best option. This gives you all the features of Pro, but allows you to manage and track sales/inventory/employees across multiple locations.

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