Proxis Stock Manager

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Stock Manager Inventory Software

Stock Manager inventory software helps businesses take control of their inventory!

With simple set up, a user-friendly interface, and compatibility with common barcode scanning hardware and printers, Stock Manager is the best choice for basic inventory management.

Batch barcode printing lets you print contiguous groups of barcodes, saving paper and eliminating errors associated with multiple users sharing the same printing. The "print random barcode" feature lets your employees print out commonly entered data for easy scanning, such as user IDs, locations, or quantity values.

Stock Manager's invoicing system gives you the ability to charge clients for inventory sold, eliminating the need for a full point of sale application. Invoices can be tied to specific employees for better service/commission tracking.

Reordering with Stock Manager is a snap with reorder points and optimal inventory values. Simply set your reorder point and value you wish to reorder to, and Stock Manager can automatically create a Purchase Order for the necessary replacements, split up by appropriate vendor.

Increase productivity, save money and improve cash flow with these important features:

  • Barcode Printing from Desktop or Mobile Barcode Scanner
  • Automated Physical Counts
  • Price, Cost, & SLP Lookups
  • Vendor & Location Lookups
  • Add, Subtract & Count Inventory
  • Add New Items
  • Edit Item Information
  • Change Item Location
  • Built-in Reports
  • Import and Export Capabilities

  • Proxis Stock Manager simplifies inventory processing with both on-demand barcode label printing and barcode label printing upon item receipt.

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    POSGuys Rating:

    Proxis Stock Manager is the most intuitive entry-level stand alone inventory management application we've seen. Our assembled kits contain the scanners and printers we've tested and deemed "best fits" for Stock Manager software.

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