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TrueOrder KDS

Optimize the way you run your kitchen with the Epson's TrueOrder Kitchen Display System (KDS). Ideal for quick-service restaurant (QSR) and small-restaurant environments, this easy-to-use solution digitizes your kitchen operations to help enhance productivity, from food prep to order fulfillment. This KDS solution offers a number of enhanced features to help boost your kitchen experience, including custom views for the kitchen, expediter and customer-facing stations—all with intuitive touch controls.

With the easy-to-use, browser-based configuration utility, the TrueOrder KDS is easy to set up and can be customized to fit your kitchen’s workflow. You can configure the system to support as many as nine stations throughout your kitchen, so you can be sure order information is handled by the right station. This versatile system also connects devices to your local network without requiring an Internet connection.

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KDS Bump Bars & Controllers


The Logic Controls LC9500 Elite Series is a compact Digital Display Controller capable of powering most commercial digital display applications — even in high heat and humidity environments. The devices feature multiple video display ports, a universal VESA system for easy mounting on walls, screens, desks and more.

Measuring less than 5 inches square, and less than an inch thick, this multi-OS capable, palm-sized powerhouse is ideal for use in kitchen display systems and other areas where a small footprint is desired. Combined with native support for Windows, Linux, Chrome and Android, this device offers limitless possibilities for your next commercial display application.

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KB9000 Bump Bar

Logic Controls KB9000 Kitchen Display Bump Bar

The KB9000 is a fully programmable kitchen display bump bar with touch operations. With advanced projected capacitive touch technology, the KB9000 kitchen display bump bar provides reliable and durable touch operations that cannot be achieved with resistive contacts. The user friendly programming software helps users to customize the bump bar layouts to desired number of keys, key locations, key dimensions, and key codes that meet the unique requirement of each application and maximize operation efficiency.

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