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EasyMag Magnetic Card Readers

Easy to use.
The EasyMag Intelligent Swipe Reader is designed for busy retail environments where speed and dependability are equally important. Its standard-length slot (more than 5 inches) makes it easy for anyone to swipe a card and get a good read on the very first try. Yet its unique flat-edge case design makes it easy to flush-mount alongside a keyboard or monitor.

Edits and formats data.
The EasyMag is a fully intelligent swipe reader that can be programmed to divide, rearrange, edit, and validate fields of magnetic card data. It automatically distinguishes between AAMVA and CA DMV formats.

Product Specifications
Color Options Black, Beige
Interface Keyboard wedge, RS232, USB/Keyboard, USB/CDC, USB/HID, USB 2.0
Track Numbers Tracks 1-2-3 or Tracks 1-2
Programmability Fully programmable through keyboard - Data can be formatted with preamble/postamble and terminator characters to match required format
Weight 8 oz (including cable)
Dimensions 5.14 (l) x 1.25 (w) x 1.6 (h) - 130.6 x 32 x 41 mm
Mounting Options Rubber feet, Velcro pads, two each 0.3 in deep, blind mounting holes for self-threading #6 screws
Warranty 1 Year

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The additional length of this unit ensures a good read on the first swipe

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