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Additional Information on Honeywell Metrologic carries the full lineup of Metrologic barcode scanners, varying from hand-held, cordless, and omnidirectional scanners, to flatbed scanner/scale combinations. Regardless of your barcode scanning needs, Metrologic has a solution that will provide years of hassle-free service.

For hand-held laser scanners, look no further than the Metrologic Voyager, available in corded and cordless models. With an auto-sense stand, optional codegate scanning capability, and competitive pricing, the Metrologic Voyager has been the mainstay of point of sale locations for many years, and will be for many years to come.

While most barcode scanners are used every day, some environments are less than perfect, and Metrologic puts technology to work to combat these real life situations. With built in fuzzy logic, the Focus 2D imager will piece together a proper scan out of a damaged code. The set back imager allows the scanner to work while in contact with the barcode, while still able to scan from 10-12” away.

Another Metrologic standout is the Stratos. This in-counter barcode scanner and scale combination is an excellent solution for grocery locations or anywhere items may be sold by weight as well as by barcoded data. With a 2-year warranty and tank-like design, the Metrologic Stratos is designed to be a permanent addition to any grocery store.

If you want the scan power of an omnidirectional scanner but still need the ergonomics of a handheld scanner, the Fusion from Metrologic is your best pick. With an auto-sense stand, codegate functionality, secondary linear or rasterised scan patterns, and sleek design, the Metrologic Fusion scans most any linear barcode thrown at it.

Metrologic has earned a spot amongst the premier scanner manufacturers by offering well built, high quality feature rich devices. Phone 800-903-6571 to discuss the Metrologic line and how to put them to work for your organization.

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