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CR4405 Mobile Barcode Scanner

The Code CR4405 has reached end of life.

The Code CR4405 iPhone sled is a fantastic way to add durable data capture to your iPhone 5. A durable design and gasket sealing make the CR4405 a great choice for patient-side data management, outdoors mobile POS, and any other rough mobile computing applications.

A 2D scanner is built into the top of the CR4405, giving you the aggressive scanning and versatile configuration options you expect from Code. Using the same imager as in their other great scanners, the CR4405 can be formatted to parse data as needed, making it a great option for mobile admitting or customer/patient information capture. The scanner also features dual field optics, using a secondary lens to read barcodes as small as 1 mil.

The battery in the CR4405 is conveniently placed on the back of the unit, allowing you to swap batteries without having to remove the iPhone. Depending on your need, the CR4405 battery can be configured to charge the iPhone, only power the scan engine, or even charge at certain thresholds. And the long lasting battery provides 10 hours of operation, around 40,000 continuous scans.

The CR4405 fully envelopes your iPhone 5, using clasps on the side and top to lock in the device. A plastic screen on the face of the CR4405 provides additional sealing, and the unit itself is rated at IP54. For added security, the CR4405 can be screwed shut, preventing iPhones from walking off or being removed from the sled.

Code built the CR4405 to succeed both in retail and health care environments, and the design works well. In addition to the sealed clamshell design, the CR4405 is built with health care plastics, allowing the units to get wiped down with cleaning agents without becoming brittle or cracked. A 1-year warranty and additional service plans make the Code CR4405 a smart way to take your data management mobile.

  • Supports iPhone 5/5c
  • 2D Imager built-in, 1.1" to 11" scan range for UPC barcodes
  • Battery provides 10 hours scanning operation
  • IP54 seal
  • 1-Year warranty
Product Specifications
Dimensions 2.8" x 1.25" x 6.25"
Weight 12 oz
Color Options White/Grey
Compatibility iPhone 5, iPhone 5c
Interfaces Available Connects to iPod via dock connector
Connects to computer via microUSB
Scan Method 2D Area Imager
Battery Rechargeable Lithium Ion
Decoding Capabilities Standard 1D and 2D symbologies
Operating Time Up to 40,000 scans
Recharge Time 4 Hours
Magnetic Stripe Reader Not Included
Healthcare Specific Model Yes
Operating Temperature -4° to 131° F
Storage Temperature -22° to 150° F
Drop Specification Withstands 4-foot drops to concrete
Warranty 1 Year

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