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CODiScan Mobile Barcode Scanner

Slim, Light, Portable: Unfold Massive Productivity
With a minimal footprint and a lightweight feel, the new CODiScan enables a comfortable and non-intrusive hands-free solution that allows workers to be faster improving the quality of their work. Compared to traditional handheld readers, CODiScan achieves a weight savings of up to 1.5 tons per shift and avoids the need to set down and pick up the scanner, eliminates non value-added steps, providing higher scanning accuracy and a drastic error reduction, saving 4 seconds per scan with up to 33% less errors.

Cutting-Edge Innovation to Assist your Worker
CODiScan provides a smart aiming system that helps to identify the framed barcode before scanning it. A complete set of good-read feedback helps the worker speed up operations: • High visible LEDs on the device (2 lateral blades and a rear spot) enhance feedback visibility from every angle. • Datalogic’s Green Spot allows the user to see the feedback directly on the scanned item, saving time and improving accuracy. • Vibration and audio complete an advanced set of feedback notices.

No Downtimes to Reach Your Targets
CODiScan runs up to 16 hours and 12,000 scans with a single 2 hour charge using different charger options (1-slot, 2-slot modular up to 6 slots, 12-slots). CODiScan instantly captures 1D/2D barcodes and images. A multi-functional key allows workers to use the same device in different mounting options and easily check the battery status, connectivity, and other custom functions. CODiScan can be held in multiple ways: on the hand, neck or belt. The hand trigger is a ‘one size fits all’ adjustable solution and is available for the right or left hand. It’s modular, meaning the electronic side can be separated by the fabric, which is washable, or can be changed reusing the trigger system.

Easy to Use, Easy to Config, Easy to Dispose
CODiScan come with the Datalogic Aladdin™ software suite and can be paired to any Android™ mobile computer through the Aladdin App, allowing easy pairing, firmware updates, main parameters and symbology settings. CODiScan can also streamline working flows of a fixed station using the gateway connected to a PC or via Wi-Fi to the cloud. The Aladdin web page and Aladdin stand-alone guarantee a full-set configuration by barcode generation or file transfer. Handtrigger is modular which makes it easy to wash and dispose of the fabric separately from the electronics.

  • Higher ergonomics and flexibility: minimal footprint, only 44 grams in weight, multiple mounting options (hand, neck/belt/ pocket)
  • Higher scanning performance and productivity: 1D/2D reading capabilities up to 1.5 m / 4.9 ft, intelligent aiming system, good-read confirmation on label, lateral and rear high-visible LEDs, audio and haptic feedback, 2 working shift operations
  • Easier to use and manage: mobile app for pairing and settings, hand-rigger modularity for easy washing and disposal, expandable 2-slot charger
Industry - Application
  • Transportation & Logistics ~ Warehouse management: Picking, packing, sorting, put away, shipping/receiving
  • Retail ~ Click and collect, order fulfillment, receiving, back of store warehouse management
  • Manufacturing ~ Parts and assembly’s traceability, finished goods verification, inventory management

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