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Infinite Peripherals Infinea Tab

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Infinea Tab Mobile Barcode Scanner

The Infinite Peripherals Infinea Tab gives your iPad 2 or 4th generation iPad the unique ability to scan barcodes and read credit cards, terrific for converting your tablet into a POS station. Compatible with the iPad's dock connector, the Infinea Tab is a great addition to any iOS checkstand.

All models include an integrated MSR with your choice of standard encryption or PCI encryption. Available with a 1D laser scanner or 2D imager, the Infinea Tab offers the data capture capabilities needed for product scanning at checkout or inventory checks. Additional features, including an RFID reader and Bluetooth radio, provide extra functionality, and a built-in battery maximizes iPad uptime.

Multiple accesories are available to enhance the usability of the Infinea Tab, including mounting stands and cases. If you're looking to integrate an iPad into your point of sale or data capture activities, the Infinea Tab is a smart and versatile solution.

  • Built-in battery to maintain iPad battery life
  • Optional 1D laser scanner or 2D imager
  • Optional Bluetooth and RFID radios
  • 3-Track MSR can encrypt card data for added security

**iPad not included**

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