UniTech MS916

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MS916 Mobile Barcode Scanner

Unitech’s MS916 wireless laser scanner incorporates a powerful scan engine, Bluetooth connection and a view screen turning your smartphone, tablet or computer into a convenient barcoding tool.

Connecting via Bluetooth the MS916 is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows platforms allowing virtually any organization the ability to integrate barcode scanning into their operations. Staying within its 30’ range you can start sending live barcode data straight to a spread sheet or inventory application. If you are scanning in a wider radius, the MS916 can easily switch into Memory Mode, storing up to 20,000 scans, and uploading them when you are in range of your host device. The 1” view screen gives you the ability to check each scan for accuracy making the MS916 perfect for a variety of applications such as inventory, gift registries and deliveries.

Being about the size of a pack of gum the MS916 can easily fit into your pocket for ultra-portable scanning. This tiny scanner has a very powerful laser scan engine that can read all major 1D barcodes and scans at a speedy rate of 104 scans per second. A sturdy housing protects the MS916 from 5’ falls to concrete and has an IP42 rated seal to shield it from dust and splashes of water. Now you can revolutionize your company’s potential with the speed, accuracy and portability of Unitech’s MS916 companion scanner.

  • iOS, Android and Windows Compatible
  • 1D Laser Scanner, 104 s/s
  • Easy 2 Button Pairing
  • Bluetooth range: 30 ft
  • 3 Hour Charge, 8 Hour Operating Time
  • 1" Viewing Screen
  • 1 Year Warranty
Product Specifications
Dimensions 1.45 x 3.78 x 0.83 in
Weight 2.2 oz
Color Options White
Interfaces Available Bluetooth
Scan Method 1D Laser Engine
Scan Rate (Maximum) 104 scans/second
Print Contrast (Min.) 25%
Typical Depth of Field (DOF PCS=80%)
Symbology | Density | Near | Far
Code 39, 4 mils | 2.5 cm | 13.97 cm
Code 39, 5 mils | 3.18 cm | 20.32 cm
Code 39, 7.5 mils | 3.81 cm | 33.02 cm
Code 39, 10 mils | 3.81 cm | 45.72 cm
Code 39, 15 mils | 3.81 cm | 71.72 cm
Code 39, 20 mils | 4.45 cm | 83.82 cm
Code 39, 40 mils | x | 91.44 cm
Code 39, 55 mils | x | 114.3 cm
UPC, 13 mils | 3.81 cm | 60.96 cm
Decoding Capabilities 1D: Code 39, Full ASCII Code39, Interleave 2 of 5, UPC A/E/E1, MSI, Codabar, Code 11, EAN8/13, Code 93, Code 128, EAN128, Code32, GS1 databar Code, Bookland EAN, Discreate 2 of 5, Chinese 2 of 5, ISBT 128, UCC Coupon Extended Code, Bookland 128
Operating Time 8 hours at condition of 1 scan/5 sec
Battery Rechargeable Li-ion battery battery
Bluetooth Profile Bluetooth V2.1+EDR, Class 2
Wireless SPP & HID profiles
Range 30 Feet For Instant Upload
Unlimited in Batch and Memory Mode
Drop Specification Multiple Drops from 5 Feet
Operating Temperature 32°F to 122°F
Seal Specification IP42
Warranty 1 Year

UniTech MS916 Reviews

POSGuys Rating:

After extensive testing of the MS916, we found that it could scan nearly every 1D barcode we could find, even our dirty and worn barcodes. Pairing the scanner was very easy using the 2 button to pair method. And while testing the 30' range we discovered that the scanner switched itself to memory mode when we were out of range and then uploaded the scans to our tablet once we were back in range! Even though the price point is higher than other pocket scanners, having the additional features of the 1" accuracy window, powerful scan engine and 2MB memory sets the MS916 above its competition.

Customer Reviews

Product Video Transcript

Unitech MS916 Pocket Scanner Video

Hi, I'm April with POSGuys.com, and today I'm reviewing Unitech's MS916 Pocket Scanner. Some features I like about this is that it's Bluetooth. It also has a 1-inch viewing screen and it has great battery life. The 1-inch viewing screen is fantastic for checking the accuracy of your last scan, and it can also show you your battery life, which will last up to 8 hours. That means you can have it in your pocket while you're working throughout the day, and use it without having to go back to recharge it.

One of my favorite features is how it pairs quickly to any device. So I'll just turn it on, and then a 2 button pairing, so I push on the blue button and the down arrow, and it's already seeing the device. And we're connected!

The MS916 Pocket Scanner scans almost all 1D barcodes, and can even scan barcodes on badges. Most laser scanners have difficulty scanning in bright light. This one does not. And it will also scan on even mildly reflective backgrounds. You can also bring up a keyboard to type on by double clicking. By default, whenever you're within Bluetooth range the information will automatically go wherever the cursor is on your device. Once you step out of range, it will go in to memory mode, and then automatically dump the information back in when you get back in to range. If you know you're going to be out of range a long time, you can put your device into batch mode by scanning a barcode and then scan what you need to, and then you can transfer the data when you get back into range by scanning another barcode.

In the box, you're going to get your scanner, you will get your power adapter, that pops open like that. You'll get your microUSB and your wrist lanyard. In addition, you'll get barcode configurations that also include volume control, and if you want to have it on vibrate or not. The MS916 has lots of features that I really love. I really love the 2-button easy pairing to any iOS, Android, or Windows device. I also like the size, you can carry it in your pocket throughout the day, and with its 8 hour battery life, you can be scanning throughout the day without having to recharge it. In addition, I believe the thing that sets it apart the most is the 1-inch screen, so you can check for accuracy and check if you're paired and also check the battery life.

After trying really hard to find something we didn't like about the MS916, we did discover that it does not do the traditional batch scanning text file. Instead it will just automatically dump the information into whatever file you have open. The MS916 is a premium scanner, therefore it's going to have a higher price point than other pocket scanners. If you're looking for other scanners with maybe less functionality, but still good scan engines, you can go with Unitech's MS910 or MS912. This scanner and other pocket scanners are available at POSGuys.com. Thank you so much for watching!

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