UniTech MS920

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MS920 Mobile Barcode Scanner

The UniTech MS920 has reached end of life. It has been replaced by the UniTech MS926.

The Unitech MS920 is a fantastic companion scanner, giving you portable 2D scanning in a lightweight design. Offering both batch scanning and bluetooth, the MS920 is a smart choice not only for field mobility and mobile POS but light inventory management and registries.

2D scanning is a breeze with the MS920. The scanner supports omnidirectional scanning of barcodes, with depth of field of over one foot for standard retail barcodes. Able to scan off LCD screesn, the MS920 is great for mobile ticketing or customer loyalty applications, where details may be stored on a customer's phone.

The MS920's Bluetooth radio provides support for Bluetooth-enabled PCs, mobile computers, iPhones, and Android devices. You get over 300 feet of radio range, making it easy to scan hard to reach or out of the way barcodes. The scanner also offers batch scanning mode, letting you store barcode data on the buil-in 32 MB of RAM, sending the data at your convenience.

Pocket scanners are susceptible to more drops and knocks than their cabled brethren. Thankfully, the MS920 has been designed to handle general use and abuse without faltering. The scanner weighs a light 3.7 ounces and survives drops of up to 5-feet to concrete. An IP42 rated seal keeps dirt and some water splashes from harming internal components, further extending its lifespan. With a 1-year warranty standard, the Unitech MS920 is a great choice for mobile 2D scanning.

  • 1.77" to 16.1" scan range for UPC barcodes
  • Bluetooth supports iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS X
  • Can scan barcodes on LCD screens
  • 32 MB Memory, stores over 20,000 barcodes
  • Withstands 5-foot drops to concrete
  • 1-Year warranty

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