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Zebra CS4070

CS4070 Mobile Barcode Scanner

The Zebra CS4070 is formerly known as the Symbol CS4070 or the Motorola CS4070.

The Zebra CS4070 mobile barcode scanner provides fantastic companion scanning for tablets, smartphones, or other mobile devices. Lightweight and easy to use, the CS4070 is terrific for mobile POS, registry applications, field service, and more.

Using Motorola's SE4710 scan engine, the CS4070 reads 1D and 2D barcodes incredibly quickly. The scanner has a good depth of field, making it easy to scan without searching for a "sweet spot." For standard retail barcodes, you can successfully read barcode from over two feet away. And because it's a 2D imager, you can read barcodes off of LCD screens, ideal for mobile couponing, ticketing, and more.

The CS4070 comes equipped with a Bluetooth wireless radio, giving you connectivity to mobile computers, laptops, and more. It's MFi certified, meaning you can pair it with any iOS device, such as an iPhone, with relative ease. The CS4070 also offers a batch mode, great for inventory checks or registry applications. 512 MB of RAM means you can store over one million barcodes and timestamps, or even standalone apps. For mobile POS and inventory management, the CS4070 is a smart option.

Due to their small size and lack of tethers, there's a greater chance mobile barcode scanners can succumb to accidents. Thankfully, Zebra built the CS4070 to handle day-to-day use with ease. The lightweight scanner can survive multiple five-foot drops to concrete, so the accidental knock out of hand or pocket won't slow it down. A health care-specific model is also available, made from plastics designed to stand up to harsh chemical cleaners you may use to sterilize items in a health care environment. Shipping with a 3-year warranty standard, and with additional service plans available, the CS4070 is a fantastic 2D companion scanning option.

  • 1.4" to 25.6" depth of field for UPC barcodes
  • USB, Bluetooth interfaces
  • Bluetooth supports HID, SPP, and Wireless SSI profiles
  • Withstands 5-foot drops to concrete
  • USB dongle available for connecting to non-Bluetooth PCs
  • 3-year warranty

Zebra CS4070 Reviews

POSGuys Rating:

A fantastic option for mobile scanning. Supporting both Bluetooth and batch scanning, the CS4070 is just as at home as a mobile POS scanner as it is for gift registry scanning. Pairing with a Bluetooth device, such as a mobile computer, laptop, iPhone, or Android device is simple. just hold the Bluetooth button and follow the configuration steps on your phone. In batch mode, the data is stored in a spreadsheet on the device itself, ready for retrieval when plugged into your computer.

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CS4070 Mobile Barcode Scanner, Black, Bluetooth Radio, Apple MFI, Includes USB cable
CS4070 Mobile Barcode Scanner, Black with Lanyard, Bluetooth Radio

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Mobile Barcode Scanner, White with Healthcare-Safe Housing, Scanner Unit Only, Bluetooth Radio
Mobile Barcode Scanner, White with Healthcare-Safe Housing, USB Communications Dongle, Bluetooth Radio
Mobile Barcode Scanner, White with Healthcare-Safe Housing, USB Communications Dongle, Lanyard, USB Interface Cable, Bluetooth Radio


SSE-CS4070-30 Zebra OneCare for CS4070, Essential Comprehensive Coverage, 3 Year, Must be Purchased Within 30 Days $80.00 Add to Cart
BTRY-CS40EAB00-04 CS4070 Replacement Battery, For Standard Models $29.00 Add to Cart
BT10-CS40EAB00-04 CS4070 Replacement Battery 10-Pack, For Standard Models $275.00 Add to Cart
21-102377-01 CS4070 Lanyard $10.00 Add to Cart
CHS5000-1000CR CS4070 Single Slot Charging Cradle, Includes Slot for Secondary Battery Charging $66.00 Add to Cart
CHS5000-8000CR CS4070 8-Slot Scanner Charging Cradle $240.00 Add to Cart
SAC5000-8000CR CS4070 8-Slot Battery Charging Cradle $320.00 Add to Cart
25-124330-01R MicroUSB Cable $7.00 Add to Cart
BTRY-CS40EABH0-0B CS4070 Replacement Battery, For Healthcare Models $29.00 Add to Cart
BT10-CS40EABH0-0B CS4070 Replacement Battery 10-Pack, For Healthcare Models $275.00 Add to Cart
BT-CS1-0BR-U21 CS4070 Communications Kit, Includes Dongle and USB Interface Cable $168.00 Add to Cart

Previously Available Models

CS4070 Mobile Barcode Scanner, Black, Scanner Unit Only, Bluetooth Radio
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