Zebra CS4070

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CS4070 Mobile Barcode Scanner

The Zebra CS4070 has reached end of life. It has been replaced by the Zebra CS6080.

The Zebra CS4070 is formerly known as the Symbol CS4070 or the Motorola CS4070.

The Zebra CS4070 mobile barcode scanner provides fantastic companion scanning for tablets, smartphones, or other mobile devices. Lightweight and easy to use, the CS4070 is terrific for mobile POS, registry applications, field service, and more.

Using Motorola's SE4710 scan engine, the CS4070 reads 1D and 2D barcodes incredibly quickly. The scanner has a good depth of field, making it easy to scan without searching for a "sweet spot." For standard retail barcodes, you can successfully read barcode from over two feet away. And because it's a 2D imager, you can read barcodes off of LCD screens, ideal for mobile couponing, ticketing, and more.

The CS4070 comes equipped with a Bluetooth wireless radio, giving you connectivity to mobile computers, laptops, and more. It's MFi certified, meaning you can pair it with any iOS device, such as an iPhone, with relative ease. The CS4070 also offers a batch mode, great for inventory checks or registry applications. 512 MB of RAM means you can store over one million barcodes and timestamps, or even standalone apps. For mobile POS and inventory management, the CS4070 is a smart option.

Due to their small size and lack of tethers, there's a greater chance mobile barcode scanners can succumb to accidents. Thankfully, Zebra built the CS4070 to handle day-to-day use with ease. The lightweight scanner can survive multiple five-foot drops to concrete, so the accidental knock out of hand or pocket won't slow it down. A health care-specific model is also available, made from plastics designed to stand up to harsh chemical cleaners you may use to sterilize items in a health care environment. Shipping with a 3-year warranty standard, and with additional service plans available, the CS4070 is a fantastic 2D companion scanning option.

  • 1.4" to 25.6" depth of field for UPC barcodes
  • USB, Bluetooth interfaces
  • Bluetooth supports HID, SPP, and Wireless SSI profiles
  • Withstands 5-foot drops to concrete
  • USB dongle available for connecting to non-Bluetooth PCs
  • 3-year warranty

Zebra CS4070 Reviews

POSGuys Rating:

A fantastic option for mobile scanning. Supporting both Bluetooth and batch scanning, the CS4070 is just as at home as a mobile POS scanner as it is for gift registry scanning. Pairing with a Bluetooth device, such as a mobile computer, laptop, iPhone, or Android device is simple. just hold the Bluetooth button and follow the configuration steps on your phone. In batch mode, the data is stored in a spreadsheet on the device itself, ready for retrieval when plugged into your computer.

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CS4070 Barcode Scanner Review

Hi this is Travis from POSGuys.com. Today we're going to take a look at a batch memory scanner also known as a keychain scanner or a pocket scanner. This is the new CS4070 by symbol. Previously they had the CS3070. The previous version was a 1D laser scanner. So you're getting the single line, when you scan. The 4070 has been upgraded to a 2D imager. So instead of a line you get a grid of light.

Like all 2D imagers that means it is omnidirectional and when you are scanning 1D barcodes you don't have to be perpendicular to the lines you can just be any angle and you can scan them but what really makes this powerful and a really different device is that it can scan 2D barcodes like PDF417 which are on drivers' license or datamatrix or aztec, maxicode, those types of barcodes that are on shipping. It makes it really convenient for doing some low cost management of either identification, registries, or shipping. For instance if you have a bunch of drivers' licenses that have a PDF417 barcode on them and you're going to do attendance at an event and everyone has a drivers' license you can just ask them to pull out their driver's license, scan the barcode on the back of all licenses and then you'll get all of the information from all of the different people attending the event and you don't have to have a special mobile computer or software you can just scan all the licenses and then download that into a file and then you can do what you need to with that. So definitely a nice upgrade because it is a very portable unit and it is relatively low cost compared to the price of a standard data collector or mobile computer.

The 3070 is a little smaller than the 4070 but this also has a removable battery so if you're going to be doing a lot of scanning and you're going to need to change batteries then you can pop out the battery and then switch it with another one so you can keep multiple batteries on site. Bluetooth connectivity so you can pair it with a tablet. If you want to do real time scanning and then it also does batch scanning with a microUSB connection that you can download just like you were downloading information off of a thumb drive.

So now lets take a look at pairing it with an iPad and take a look at using it in batch mode. I'm going to go ahead and pair my CS4070 with an iPad. On the iPad I'm going to turn on Bluetooth. I put the device into discoverable mode by holding the Bluetooth button on it for 10 seconds. It sees the item there. Click it and then you let the communication pair. On some Bluetooth devices it is going to ask for a pin number. If it does that you will need to print out the barcodes for the numerical pin number. In my case it paired straight up. From here it works as a keyboard device and the minus button toggles the keyboard. You can also keep the keyboard up now. So I have the keyboard up and if I want to scan a barcode. I'll scan my fake drivers' license. Then it starts filling in the data for it. You can also use the onscreen keyboard. If you don't need the keyboard press the minus button. It goes away and you can scan away. Again and it fills in the data. So this is a paired version. If you are going to do a retail application this is a great way to enter your barcodes into your retail application. Being a 2D barcode scanner it does scan better than a 1D scanner. It can scan from all angles.

I'm going to show the batch scanning capabilities now. I've taken the scanner out of bluetooth mode. The Bluetooth button is no longer blinking. I can scan a bunch of barcodes and it all goes into memory. So these are all different size, different quality barcodes. I'm going to scan them at any angle. I'm going to go from being quite close to bring it pretty far back, about two feet back and to simulate bright light I have a lamp. Turn on my lamp and I'm able to scan in direct light. So if you're going to be using the scanner outdoors it will work just fine. I'm on my Windows PC. I have my microUSB cable. Plug it in. It detects it just like it would any other USB drive and installs the Windows driver to use the removable storage device. If it is the first time you are plugging it in it will take 30 seconds to a minute to be able to load the drivers. After that every time you plug it in it will come up almost instantly. Windows finished installing the drivers for the devices and now it is a USB mass storage device.

Go into your file explorer. There will be a CS4070 as removable drive and there are going to be two folder in here. You are looking for the scan barcodes folder and then under scan barcodes there is a file called barcodes. If you take a look at that it is all the scans that we did. So here was the 2D barcode scan. This is where it has the address and the date of birth. This is some inventory barcodes that I scanned and then these are all the barcodes that I scanned off the sheet. The format that you're going to see is a time date stamp followed by a coma and then your number. So if you're importing this into excel you'll have two columns if you're using the CSV format. First column will be the time date. The second column will be the numbers. That is a basic batch mode version here. You can save this file to anywhere you want and then open it with your spreadsheet program. Or even just use it as a text file just to manually verify that a ticket number or some kind of inventory item was scanned.

This is the CS4070 from Symbol. The parent company is now Zebra. It is a great 2D barcode scanner it does everything that the CS3070 did but it also does 2D barcodes. So if you are just doing point of sale and you want to use it as a Bluetooth barcode scanner it is a fantastic product for that. If you're going to do batch scanning or ticketing or inventory it is also a very good product and if you are going to be doing logistics, scanning the barcodes of your shipping labels and you want to know where things ship from it is also a very good product for doing that. So very flexible device and there are tons of uses for it. So definitely something to consider. Having a 2D on a batch scanner is just a great upgrade and it adds so much flexibility. If you need custom programming for the device, whether you want to be doing a registry or some kind of logistics, and you need help being able to integrate the data from the CS4070 into your program or your database give us a call and our programmers can help with that. For more information on the CS4070 or to purchase it please contact us at POSGuys.com.

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